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Default I wanna know...

I wanna know...

Are we friends or are we foes?
On and on the story goes
A war 4 drugs is what we live
4 coke and skag the soldiers give their
Souls, 4 mafia men they toil
Murdering the children upon foreign soil
To ease our fears they bring on the drugs
It's a sign of the times to ask "Where is the love?"

Economic abuse in its subtlest form
While they fuck up education, now the parents they warn
How the nonses are loose and the kids they aint safe
Must we all fall in their line?
Must we all stay in our place?
Fuck you and me, it's apathy
Pretending that they care U C
They'll steal you blind then rob your mind
While bending knees in prayer oh please.

When lonliness is haunting U
Who can U trust? Who can you turn 2?
When homes of fear with children near
Are built on greed and lust and tears
What matters most - the things that you boast
You don't own a fucking thing
The banks they do depend on you
Abandoned children, they do sing

You drop them there at that daycare
Do you know these people well?
You look down your nose while you suppose
The truth is it, they always tell?
So when you'r old, the truth is cold
They'll dump you into a nice home
And alone you'll stair into thin air
The tragic seeds that you have sown

I'm telling you, what you can do
One small event can change life's path
Just be there and show you care
Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy - do the maths
Children learn the life that they live
Do you share your time? Is it love that you give?
Open your mind to some brighter days
If it ain't crystal clear ... What can I say?

Crazy is as stupid does
Is it war you seek or peace and love?
Do you wanna know the truth? Will you speak your mind?
Can you remember back to human kind?
What goes up will always come down
Life is just a game, what goes must come around
My destiny is determined by me
If there's a fire in your heart - then we're gonna break free!

The churches the banks and the governments all
Mainly doomed through corruption
Most will certainly fall
Are we sheeple or people?
Are we slaves or FREE MEN?
The truth is out - it's all about
Can we start over again.


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