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You will find
People tend kind
To their own peace of mind!

Why? We donít really know. But you will find this implausible and enigmatic behaviour to be all around. And it remains enigmatic. The solution remains a mystery and a fragmented debate, with no solution."

Hands flailing up in the air... pick me! pick me!

I know the answer.

Children want to please and be pleased by actions of love and beauty. It is our innate human nature. We are born good to be good.

No kid wants to be shouted at... they just want to be cuddled and made to feel safe and protected... not molested.

It is our human nature to be good. I really do not buy that due to Eve the whole race is sinning bastards. The churches may wish for me to believe that and fear death too. No sale.

I know what I believe. I know what my faith consists of:

1. God is good all the time. That is the nature of God - the meaning of God 4 me.
2. God lets the children of this planet learn for themselves as any good parent would do... with a little guidance from the past and a bit of divine intervention in the present.
3. Light will always illuminate darkness.
4. Evil is a creation of our own making within our minds developed from our own fears. It is real and it is doomed to be outshone by the light of truth.

I think the Bible is a book written by a bunch of corrupted greedy money lenders. They picked Jesus for the advertising. Prepare Christians to be crucified is how the good book goes. Accept the New World Order basically ... if you read between the lines.

Propaganda at its worst.

Faith is such a beautiful thing when combined with culture and heritage.

The tax free money grabbing Christian pricks with their oh so fancy buildings, lands and bank accounts need to jog on. Christ would have a lot to say about modern day Christianity I am certain. And I don't think he would be none to pleased. He came for the poor and the children and how do we as citizens of a first world nations treat our poor and the children? Let alone the oppressed peoples of other lands we bomb and starve indiscriminantly with every vote we elect another jack ass to rape and pillage....

Sorry... bit of a rant there.

My two cents and I love the poetry!!!!!!!!!
Very dark and very deep. Very moving.

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