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Default Re: Fluoride To Damage Brain Functions


Very good of Mr DeGuzman to post his dastardly deeds on the web so he could be instantly tracked and traced!

Wow! How considerate!

Gee all I asked for was some paperwork on why they though Flouride was so wonderful...which makes you wonder about a man who was so openly making his plans known.

I've worked extensivley with the mentally ill in a Professional capacity. I know them well. NO TRUELY fucked up mentally ill human being has the capability of organising and carrying through a terrorist attack on anything.

Only contract agents working for intelligence services do the things you described.

He's either not dead or was killed to shut him up after the 80 years sunk in.

Get a hold of the "Weather Underground" which is a prime example of how groups are formed and controlled to do the States bidding while swaring they are fighting the State apparatus.

Then again...maybe Mr DeGuzman was simply acting on his own in the form of a well motivated idiot.

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