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Default Re: Masonic Shriners Pedophile Pigs

It's not WRONG!
It clearly states in Ronayne's, Handbook Of Masonry that you have to, if called upon, conceal and protect a fellow mason even if it causes you to commit perjury. It's not me, a non mason saying this, it's one of your own brothers!
It's like I've said all along, the good hearted masons who falsely believe they're on the side of good don't realise what is really going on! You may not be part of the NWO! You may not be a paedophile child abuser! You may not be a practising satanist. . . but what you are doing by being a mason is supporting those at the top who are what I mentioned earlier.
Please KsigMason, don't just listen to me or the others here who see the masons for what they are- simply listen to your heart and you'll begin to realise that you are supporting something inherently evil which may, in years to come, be the downfall of us all.
When they call you "Brother", slap you on the back and promise to tell you some dark sinister secret in the future, simply ask yourself why! I'm sure you're a decent honest person but the cult you belong to and protect will drag you down in the end.
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