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Default Re: Masonic Shriners Pedophile Pigs

KsigMason, you say you don't have to fear for your soul because you're a freemason. . .I would beg to differ! For instance, god tells us through the Holy Bible (The Ten Commandments) that you shall have no other gods before me, yet freemasons have lots of names for their god like Abaddon, Zoristor etc. How do you square that circle? But then you don't really have to because Albert Pike says;

"Masonry does not specify any god of any creed, she requires merely that you believe in some deity, give him what name you will. ANY GOD WILL DO."

Since when has christiantity preached that any god will do!!?

It's also a fact that a freemason must break 5 of the ten commandments to proceed through the degrees. For instance. . .
"You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me. . . But freemasons do!
"You Shalt Not Murder. . ." But the Scottish Rite, Third Degree orders you to murder those who tell masonic secrets!
"You Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Your Neighbour. . ." But, like I said earlier, you must as a mason conceal all crimes carried out by your brother masons!

I'm not a religious man, in fact, I'm far from it, but lets not kid ourselves here. As, "Behold A Pale Horse, page 78, says;

"I tell you now that freemasonry is one of the most wicked and terrible organisations upon this earth."

If you carry on being part of this dispicable cult then you can't say that you haven't been told what's really going on.
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