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Default Re: Police Chiefs, Internet Escort Sting and Mayan Calendar 2012

i got a feeling Munster would enjoy this:

Black eyes
March 2008
Black-Eyed Customer
by Nick Black-Eyed Customer - Your True Tales - March 2008 - Page 3
I am a grocery store employee in Lewisville, Texas. I work in the produce department, and an odd experience happened the other day. I was on the floor just making sure everything was stocked and clean, so I was walking around and I had noticed this man came around completely by himself. He was wearing regular clothes, nothing unusual about him really, so I continued on with what I was doing. He just kept walking around my department and kept looking around the store, like he was lost or something. One thing I noticed that was weird about him was the way he walked. He didn't walk with a normal stride, but in a way it was almost like a slow motion type walk, yet not as dramatic and obvious as you would picture such a walk. It's hard to explain, but it was just a weird, slow walk.
After noticing that, I continued to work. I had bent down to pick up some trash on the floor, and when I stood back up, he was a good 10 feet away, and he was staring straight at me. Completely motionless, we stood looking at each other. All of a sudden, his eyes turned completely black, no white parts or iris or anything -- just completely black -- but it only happened for a couple of seconds, just long enough for me to realize he was "different".
I made a puzzled face and broke eye contact with him and continued working, and he just went away. I don't know if he was a demon or what, but I do know it puzzled me and still does. I believe he was a demon or something, and was wanting to show me that they are out there and can be just like us.

what u think Jacob ?? u likey ?? i know u enjoy such from your subject...

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