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Default Re: Dissapearing Post - "Whatever Happened To The Orbital Engine"

...there was simply no market for a 60 horsepower moter that could go 59 mph. The market wanted big motors and big cars, not fuel efficient ones.
But that is only America with regards no market for fuel efficient cars. Oz, U.k and Europe pay premuim prices for fuel. Hearing Americans complain about $2-$3 a gallon is funny when Australians pay $5. Europe and U.K more.

The motor btw was at around 80kw (110 hp) and a top speed of 200km/h.

The motor may have been seen as a threat to Ford, but I doubt it. At that time, there was not a market for it.
The motor was a threat period. It was earmarked for release ACCROSS the BOARD...motor cycle engines, outboard motors for boats was a going concern ALL OVER the Australian press. Within 3 years of buying out Sarich the "Orbital Engine" simply dissapeared off the front pages and that was that. Australians then went back to what they know best...drinking beer and watching the footy. I believe America has the same problem. :-)

Where the rubber will meet the road is if Ford or someone doesn't bring out something like that now. If your numbers are true, it is much better than a hybrid and likely to be much less expensive. Ford or anyone would have an incentive now to bring it out. It could be the company's salvation.
You would think that would'nt you?

It seems pretty plain there is going to be an exponential jump STRAIGHT to hydrogen. It's pretty much a given and Wall Street speak about it openly.

The hydrogen will come from natural gas. Perhaps some "token" solar panel made hydrogen from water. Possibly also from nuclear power.

Germany, France and others have "hot fusion" planned for less than ten years from now. Again, the scientists are talking matter of fact about this. Even China is charging ahead in this direction. From hot fusion we will get hydrogen from water.

Several years ago, I worked for a company that had been a large conglomerate involved in oil and gas, mining, etc. The company had reconstituted itself as a pure play in E&P but had a legacy in R&D in all sectors. My job was literally to troll the warehouse and look for commercial applications for anything in the shelves.
Would like to hear more about this.:-)

Sure some of them were there because they could have cannibalized an existing business, but that was more management or bureaucratic politics than anything sinister.
True, it aint all Hollywood assassination plots. Business is business baby and the inseperable car companies and oil interests are not going to have their business interfered with by independant inventors. Just look at how Ford bought up ALL the U.S public transport system and then got the Yank taxpayers to pay for the roads to drive his new toy on.

I believe there are. I just think the jury is out on the one you mention. For now.
No. Sarich and the Orbital Engine were killed by a conspiracy involving State and Federal Government and even the Union Movement! He was harrassed and double crossed from day one. Sarich is BELOVED by his former emplyees...he is a genuine "good guy" who wanted to do more than make money but also bring investment and jobs to his fellow West Australians.

He was a TRUE capitalist. Just like Westinghouse and Tesla were a threat to the socialist conglomerate's controlled by J.P Morgan we see a independant player taken up and spat out.

Now he mindlessly speculates on property and makes a fortune as a middle man...a true economic stimulus goes begging for the interests of a few powerful people.

Whats new?:-)

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