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Default Re: Joe Vialls' website

I like reading Joe Vialls articles. They are original and entertaining.

He lives a couple of suburbs up from me.

I do not believe he is a knowing dis-information agent but he makes glaring and seemingly stupid mistakes in many of his claims. Especially his work on the Port Authur massacre in Tasmania in 1996 in which over 30 people were killed.

He was definately employed in the oil industry and sold tool bits throuought the world. He has probably made some contacts in the Russian oil industry where Intelligence services abound.

Dave McGowan of Center For An Informed America has been doing the best work on debunking "Peak Oil". Make him your reference, not Joe Vialls.

Get Thomas Golds "Deep Hot Biosphere: The Abiotic Origens Of Oil".

Stolen mostly from 50 years of Russian discovery. If you still believe "Fossil Fuel" theory after reading it...?

I might add...ask ANY oil man about where oil and gas come from...they will say..."there are several theories including the fossil fuel one"...

You never heard that in class did you? It was fossil fuel period.
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