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Default Re: Video Of Child Sexual Abuse In "Children Of God" Cult. Founded By Mr Danial Berg.

I thought fra_nothing was the younger brother because he made reference to something happening in his life when he was a teenager which is something I did to this person.

It wasn't criminal. Just juvenile.

But, the circumstances surrounding their "disappearances" are just too weird and whenever I mention this to their mother who is still alive, I just get the strangest answer. No missing person's report filed. No sound of concern.

In fact, when I asked her if she remembered any tragedy occurring in my childhood, her Christmas cards, etc. stopped. This is the same with anyone in my family or people from the neighborhood when I make inquiry.

I made inquiry of a girlfriend of mine from high school about tatoos on my body and she remembered a butterfuly on my leg and yes there is something there.

I haven't heard from her since.

Inquiry of my sisters only brought about slander of my character. Haven't spoken to them in five years.

Inquiry of my cousins (father's side) brought about the same except for one cousin who has validated my memories of Mafia pornography and "dark" side to our family. His mother, my aunt, will NOT speak of her past. Something about going from one of the richest families in the neighborhood when she was young to the poorest. However, my cousin said, she knows about the scars on my body and that my sisters don't remember.

My uncle was involved with the Mafia in New York. They docked their yachts at his shipyard. It was said that he was under FBI protection, but I doubt it. I believe they laundered drug money through his business. Speed boats were a big thing on that side of the family when my father was young as well.

When my Uncle died, it was reported that the Mafia came into his house and took everything. My Aunt said that he owed "interest" on loans and acted like this was no big deal!!! Oh, yes, she said, if you don't pay them back....

Now, my Uncle's son, always reminded me of Frank Sinatra. Or, could be that Frank Sinatra was in my life as a child and when I spoke about this, it was countered with, Oh, she gets her cousin mixed up with Frank Sinatra.

The older brother said if his wife ever divorced him, they'd never hear from his again.

However, he disappeared when I was young, surfaced, disappeared, etc. You get the picture.

His younger brother, disappeared, surfaced, disappeared, etc. You get the picture.

Now, the only memory I have of the older brother (I think it was him) is standing in my front yard with my father and him making reference to cars with "lights on" in the daytime.

When I began to awake, every car driving in the opposite direction of me and behind me had their lights on. I'm not talking about "day lights" that cars have now; however he could have been making reference to something he knew was going to occur in the future.

I'm talking about EVERY car and bright lights as well. I'm talking about lights going on and off when I passed under them at train stations and other places in my neighborhood.

So, when this occurred, a memory of it being a CULT, a worldwide cult surfaced and it scared the hell out of me.

When I was recently married and memories of "sexual" abuse by family members began to surface, I started making inquiries of family members and neighborhood children (adults at the time) and, in particular, of him as I had some recollections of weird things happening at my house by my mother with him.

He remembered, but didn't elaborate. The conversation ended there.

I made an inquiry of some weird sexual things between myself and a close girlfriend when we were very young and she said, "oh, I thought that was normal." I said, no, it isn't.

So, my friend, moved from the house I grew up in when I was in fifth grade and he was in 4th. Went to Georgia, but moved back into the area several times afterwards and we would reconnect, but our closeness was dwindling.

I always felt like we were suppose to marry or something, but I never wanted that and when I was about 17, I told him so.

Next thing I know, he confesses in a letter that he is gay.

I marry, he surfaces at my apartment. I move and he surfaces again in the early 80's in my home.

Since that time, I heard from him after my conversation about the "sexual" oddities sometime in the mid-80's and he was throwing an anniversary party for his parents.

I did not attend.

I called his mother and found out that he didn't attend either and she hasn't heard from him since.

I believe his brother was a drug dealer and he was much older than us. He disappeared before Terry moved when I was in 5th grade.

I don't know the circumstances as to why and there was never really any explanation given.

He married and had children and I remember going to his house with Terry.

Oh, well, sorry about the book!!

That'll teach you to ask me a question!!

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