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Default Re: Official Silence About Free Energy

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Ah, Gale.

I think you're confused.

It was Jane Doe whom you said was repeating the words, "in deed" and inferred that she was using NLP programming, but now you're saying that I'm repeating the words "in deed."


Please, Gale, try to remember that which you write so I don't have to remind you.

I think it is you who considers it a game and a joke inasmuch as I inquired of you as to why you considered that Jane Doe was using NLP programming through the use of her repetition of the words "in deed" and you have not yet answered other than to insinuate that since I'm a mind control victim and, because you believe I've spoken about NLP, I should answer the question that I posed to you.

Sorry, pal.

But, that's not the way it happens around these parts.

You accused Jane Doe of using NLP programming with her use of the words "in deed" on numerous occassions.

I asked you to explain.

You didn't.

Instead you deflected.

Now, you, sir, are called to task and not me.

You made the claim that Jane Doe was using NLP progrmaming with her use of the words "in deed."

You made the claim.

Now you need to explain it.

Explain why you think the words "in deed" as used by Jane Doe on numerous occasions are considered by you to be NLP programming.

Don't deflect my question to you unto me.
Everything I have said so far on the subject is quite self-evident and not in need of further explanation.

You will not succeed in hounding further information out of me, mainly because there isn't any available.

BlueAngel, you are clearly wasting time AND space.

And I would directly contradict what you have just said, you DID repeat "in deed" and in a mocking, sarcastic manner, indicating quite plainly that you didn't take the subject seriously at all.
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