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on the assumption that your initial post was an honest question and your aim is simply to decipher the rhetoric,cut through the endless bullshit and figure out what the hell is going on in the world , i will give you my take on what the NWO is .

first of all ,i am not a political science major so i may be technically inaccurate in my understanding of various "isms" . totalitarianism i do understand .total control over our lives by monolithic government . tyranny . there are various forms ,china/north korea-type marxism,the fascism of nazi germany and italy in the 30's and 40's ,far left and far right to some ,but totalitarian states all.absolute power ,rule by brute force .

the NWO is the planned globalist state ,a totalitarian state where the rights we have ,if any, are determined by the rulers in government and can therefore be revoked at their discretion .no national sovereignty, no bill of rights . a global state where the international bankers and the multi-national corporations finally achieve their goal .an absolute monopoly .there was a movie that illustrated this perfectly,though probably many didn't get it .it was "the matrix" .in the scene where morpheus was introducing neo to the matrix ,we're the little batteries .they need us to build their cars and keep their electricity turned on, to fuel their airplanes and grow their food ,so they'll give us enough to keep us doing those things ,just like they do now ,but you and me ozzie ,we are nothing more than the little batteries .that's the NWO the way i see it .
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