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marypopinz wrote:
My opinion/ my heart 8.7.06


As usual, I am sitting down the pub, surrounded by just normal folk, trying to earn a crust and keep their little families/lives afloat. These people do not deserve such an evil bastard playing havoc with their lives – taxing the death out of them and harassing their youth.

Am I worried about tomorrow? Mildly… I know there are good English men on the Metropolitan Po Po and I know there are some prize $%£4s.

Do I fancy being man handled by a prick? Not really.

Do I believe 110% in what I am doing? Definitely.

It’s mad that I am contemplating the consequences of exercising my right to express my opinion, free speech, and I have to take into account the bullying tactics, including assault, both me and my children have witnessed (the man on the Clapham bus), used by officers of the Met at the gates of Downing Street, in full view of the public.

Insanity comes to mind. I cannot take my kids on a holiday for fear of being denied re-entry to my homeland, England, where my children are born and bred. I am a terrorist? %$£” right off Mr. Tony Blair. I may be banned from entry from how many countries because I have been cautioned as a ‘terrorist’ under Tony-the-Toad’s ridiculous legislation known as SOCPA, which curiously is also a complete travesty of our civil rights.

The right to have an opinion and express it must be the most fundamental aspect of life, let alone democracy – otherwise you are just cabbage waiting to die.

The Irish, the Northern Irish were denied a voice in politics for how many decades? What’s that all about? Gerry Adams, who represented the majority and wanted peace, believe it or not, was not allowed to be heard on the media? Is that right? Have I been misinformed?

When my ex-neighbour, ex-SAS, has very real problems adjusting to his past in view of his present – a beautiful blond-haired blue eyed boy… When he was just a lad, he was naughty and the government offered him jail or the army, he chose the army. As a trained assassin, he was sent into Northern Ireland to ‘exterminate’.

He finds it hard to accept that he placed the sole of his boot across the neck of an infant and shot point blank. When he was sent in to exterminate, that meant the entire household - the whole family. Is this military pride or a tortured broken soul only doing as he was told and trying to live with himself?

A very good mate of mine who was one of nine children that were molested on a school trip to the Chatham Dockyard, none of whom received absolutely no justice, explained to me how impotent the men carrying their weapons like huge male penile projections, up in London, actually are with regards to myself. I am 5’3”. I’m a size 5 maybe and I am not armed with anything more than my mind, my voice and my wits. I will not tolerate any verbal or physical threats whatsoever, especially from a male. I witnessed the scars of the beatings from life my mother took and have never allowed a man to lay a hand on me.

This is where the insanity comes in…

Is it really the Metropolitan Police Force that I am including in this thought process of whether I am going to be physically man-handled?

What is wrong with this picture?

My crime… singing a few songs without permission from a war criminal who grins and signs autographs. (This ain’t Hollywood Tony. It’s London, England!)

(I’ll be) ‘Sitting On The Dock Of the Bay’
(cuz) ‘I Heard it Throught the grapevine’
‘Jesus loves the little children’
(and I) ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’ to name a few…

Why do I do what I do?

I can’t see or hear any more sad stories of broken people and broken children and broken lives. No more.

I don’t want to go to a counsellor and talk about it, Mr. Freud. I personally think Mr. Kinsey and his NONSE study have done nothing for the sexual revolution of humankind other than steer humanity towards his barnyard NONSEnse, over-sexualising the youth of the rat race. Thanks must be given also the Canadian Eugenics Society for this Nazi train of thought.

Action speaks louder than words as I cannot act and I will not act, I will sing out and stand my ground.

I will be heard. God as my witness.

I demand justice.
I demand democracy.
I demand peace.

God is watching!

Anti copyright Charity Sweet acknowledging Barbara Tucker who has been arrested some 38X? since notifying the Metro Po Po of her right to free speech and Steven Jago for his true English nature as a gentleman and standing by Babs XXX
Excuse me, but.....SHUT UP!!!!!! PLeeeeeeeaase!!!

I usually stop into the Club Conspiracy to browse the site with genuine interest in most of the subject matter. This time I thought to sign up and make a comment, or should I say---express myself.

Listen chickee, yeah you----Mary Pooping!!

Didn't you say a while ago something to the affect that you had to button up those lips for the sake of your kids?

Sure you and I, and everyone else has the right of free speech, and believe me you speak plenty with all your colorful wordings and poetic slop, but you know what? You've gone from 'Rights Warrior' to just plain trouble maker!

There's something about you that leaves me feeling a bit leary of you.

The only reason why one or two of the CC members refer to you ever so often is because you all have a common denominator. You're all heat heads and boozers, and you LOVE to use foul language! You can't go a day without putting in your personal problem into every subject. I'm sorry about your childhood deary, and true, like I said---
everyone has the right to express themselves by example of something that has affected them, but I must say are different.

Sorry, but------express yourself when you're sober! I guess it's true what they say about people who get stoned...that's when they write the most expressively and poetically.

You come across as someone red-eyed, drooling, and smelling of the 'hard-stuff'! I'm sure your skirt is hiked up too!

Take a deep breath chickee and look in the mirror, then plunge your face into some sink filled with ice water!

PS: I don't think beautiful, well-spoken women like my dear wife exist anymore.
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