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Default Book On Modern Day Mercs (Private Security Contractors).

The book is crap and is nothing but an advert for wannbe mercs. Some interesting tit bits their though. Especially the Rothschild owned estate used for training...paid for by a man named "Myers".:-)

Fred Rosen. “Contract Warriors: How Mercenaries Changed History An The War On Terrorism”. 2005

Perhaps because of the high start up costs and other reasons, Private Military Contract (Mercenary) investment seems to attract the rich sons of millionaires, like Blackwaters Erik D. Prince or Executive Outcomes Simon Mann. A friend of Tim Spicers, Mann was one of 70 mercenaries who were arrested in Zimbabwe in 2004 for attempting to overthrow the government of Equatorial Guinea. The Mail and Guardian Online describes him as “an establishment deviant”.

That is as good a description of a mercenary as anyone will ever get. Simon Mann is the son of an English cricket captain who made millions from the Watney’s brewing empire. Educated at Eaton and Sandhurst, Mann joined the elite Scotts Guards, where he made Tim Spicers acquaintance. Following Spicer, he passed the rigid selection process for the SAS on his first try. He became a trooper commander in 22 SAS. While serving with the SAS, Mann became an intelligence and counter terrorism expert.

Canada, Central America, Northern Cyprus, Germany, Norway, Northern Ireland, he served in all those places. When he left the Army in 1981, “I think he wanted a new challenge. After a while some people find army life a little bit mundane,” said a former associate.

During the early days of his post army life, Mann sold secure computer software. What made him move into the private military company business is unclear. But it is not inconceivable to believe that a wealthy young man who craved action might find more mundane jobs boring, as his associate observed.

By the late 1980’s, Mann was providing bodyguards to billionaire Arab sheiks, not to protect them in their home countries but their Scottish estates that were being victimized by poachers. During the Gulf war in 1991, Mann put his army uniform back on and served on the staff of British Gulf war commander Sir Peter de la Billiere.

After the war ended, Mann went back into business. In 1993, he helped finance Executive Outcome and became a partner with Eeben Barlow. By 1995, when EO had become to high profile, he sold out; his cut was 10 million. Using part of it, he helped set up Sandline International with Tim Spicer.

In 1997, the same year of the Sandline scandal, Mann bought an English estate called Inchmery. During 1944, it was the training ground for Polish paratroopers preparing for D-Day. It had also been a residence of the Rothschild family. Mann did’nt own it; he bought it in the name of Myers Developments, a company registered in an offshore tax haven called Guernsey. He rented it out and moved back to South Africa with his family.

They moved into a multi million dollar Dutch cape home. It was a beautiful gabled house in Constantia, a tiny suburb favored by British expatriates. Mann enjoyed his leisure, becoming an avid fisherman. He patronized sculptors, collected art, and had dinner parties for a small group of exclusive friends. Respected and admired by all his friends, none of the latter knew where Mann got his money; he was very secretive about his business enterprises.

Interview With Richard Marcinko – “The Shark Man Of The Delta”.

A contract merc today is going to make $18-$20,000 a month. That’s a big damn difference. They contract in a three-six month package, go out and take a blow. The last I checked – of course this always changes with legislation – the first $112,000 is tax free. So an E-7 in any of those special branches can get out, get contract work, gross $200,000 a year and be tax free on anywhere from $89,000 to $112,000. And they’re saving that money or sending it elsewhere because there is no frigging place to spend it where they are living.

Blackwater (North Carolina based Blackwater USA, a global security company) has been scarfing up deputy sheriffs, basically from the south, because they’ve simply run out of Spec Op’s guys for the number of contracts they have. A deputy dawg sheriff somewhere down south is grossing 24-26,000 if he’s lucky. He’ll make that in one month over seas. So, he goes over their for 6 months, comes home, pays for his house and then goes fishing, hunting or trapping for the rest of his life.

That’s what’s happening in Iraq and it will continue as we go through the reconstruction over their. You’re going to need security and the contractors are going to have to provide their own. Now they wont get the $1000 per day; they’ll get maybe $600 per day. But that’s almost more in one month than he makes in one year.

It is certainly an attraction today from a financial standpoint and it’s no longer frowned upon in the sense of whether or not it is considered legitimate, honorable work. It’s not like a merc is a sickie who can’t cope with society today. Merc work is now an honorable and attractive profession.

For instance, we have SEAL Teams that are in Afghanistan sitting along a run way outside of Kabul and they have to have haircuts, be clean shaven and wear uniforms. If they are not out on patrol the conventional commander might say, “O.K, go out on the runway and pick up trash.” So now you have this young tiger who went through all this kick ass training and he wants to go out their and kill the enemy. Instead, he’s got to go mess cooking or picking up trash on the run way. Now while that’s going on, here comes a bunch of crusty, scruffy looking, over-the-hill-gang former SEALS he knows driving up in a Landrover; and they’re pulling down $20,000 a month and going out and shooting bad guys. So morale for the active duty guys goes out the window.

So that really is the evoloutionary process from being a merc on the ground helping a guerilla fight against the government, or take out a government or sustain the survival of some ethnic group to a guy who is today making big bucks functioning in an environment that is a lot less nasty than the bush. They might be in an encampment, or in the Green Zone, or with an ethnic chief and helping him with support. They also doing things such as meeting aircraft and picking up multimillion dollar payrolls.

[TB: And who might that money be for? And what might that money be for? And what are those aircraft flying out? It’s “Air America” all over again.]

Regarding Fallujah Killing Of Four “Contractors”:

First off, they were bored. They went out in a “soft car”, in other words, a car that had not been hardened with ceramic armour. They were sort of doing a pre-reconnaissance to see what they wanted to do. Now it’s easy to sit back here safe and do a little Monday morning Quaterbacking and say “there hearts were in the right place, but they did’nt understand the enemy well enough.” The reality is, they should have had a hard car, and floored it. When the ambush hit, they needed to blow–and-go. Instead they had a soft car and got nailed.

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