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Default Keep Sundays Special, Conspiracy Theorists.

I'm not at all a religious person in any way but I have recently discovered the benefits of watching conspiracy orientated viewing material on a Sunday evening.

I can't explain why but there's nothing quite like it.

I'm sure there is someone out there who can explain the precise effect, so I shall leave it to them.

In the UK, Controversial TV on Sky is showing conspiracy theory orientated films such as "911: The Ripple Effect":

911: Ripple Effect - Full Length Video

And "7/7 Ripple Effect" on the London Bombings:

911: Ripple Effect - Full Length Video

And although I have not seen this one aired on television as yet, David Shayler's "911 and the British Broadcasting Conspiracy" is absolutely masterful:

911 and the British Broadcasting Conspiracy

It is the best documentary I have seen on 9/11 and is a direct answer to the BBC's self-proclaimed 'debunk' of all the 9/11 conspiracy theories. For the best effect I strongly recommend you first watch the BBC documentary "Conspiracy Files" (aired on BBC Two on February 18th, 2007) followed by David Shayler's reply and watch him blow the BBC out of the sky.........!

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