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Default Psychopath/Dragon/Reptile - READ ABOUT MARY BELL

The reptilian agenda David Icke describes corresponds with both the Bible and the descendants of Cain as well as the phenomena of the psychopath.

All psychopaths are narcissistic but perhaps the only difference between a psychopath and a narcissist is the purity of the bloodline.

The Mary Bell story from the time she was killing neighborhood kids at 10 right on through adulthood is contained at the link below.

It is an excellent detailed description of a BAD SEED.

At the time I read the book HIGH RISK CHILDREN WITHOUT A CONSCIENCE the indidence rate quoted therein was 1:7 more or less sociopathic; 1:12 definitely psychopathic. Incidence rates I've read recently stated 1:29. Look around you, how many essentially arrogant, manipulative, selfish, kiss-up-kick-down, phony/but acts obsequious, superficially charming, seductive liars do you know? I agree more with the statistics I read in the 1980s.

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