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Default Re: Psychopath/Dragon/Reptile - READ ABOUT MARY BELL


All the people in the forum must be laughing after you called me a Mason. Of course you haven't read any of the threads here. I am an evangelical Christian.

nenafoot, you come with an idea that you say is Christian but goes against 2,000 years of classical study of the Bible. Don't you think it is a little pretentious ?

Maybe you are mistaking a hereditary curse with the sinful nature. A bloodline can carry a curse, like dying young, for example. This kind of curse can only be broken when one of the descendants ask for Jesus to break it. But it doesn't mean that only those people can sin. The sinful nature, or flesh, is a condition of ALL men after the Fall.

We don't become sinners because we sin, we sin because we are born sinners. In the same way a cat is born with a tail. He can't choose. Some people call it unfair, but that's the way it is, and probably all of us would have done the same if we were in Adam's place.

The Bible is clear when it says : all men have sinned and fallen away from God. If only Cain descendants could sin, then Christ didn't have to die for the rest of men. This is heresy. You can believe in anything you want, but please don't call it Christianity, because it is not.

PS: Saturnino is the name of a duckling I used to watch on TV when I was little.
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