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Default Re: Psychopath/Dragon/Reptile - READ ABOUT MARY BELL

I agree that it is intriguing that some people seem to be born totally evil. But I think that you are jumping to a false conclusion.

The fact that a child may be evil and murder someone could very well be a consequence of a hereditary curse. Usually the child will suffer the consequences of the sins of her parents, or she may have been dedicated to Satan or something like that. Then what we see is more the influence of the demons in her life then a special characteristic inate of that child.

The fact that many people who were involved in the occult and commited heinous crimes, and got saved later in life proves that we don't have a clue about who can be saved or not. Christ died for all men.

The sin against the Holy Spirit is the total rejection of Christ, and the attributing of his works to demons, as the Pharisees did (read the verses in the context). It is NOT a hereditary condition, it is a willful decision made by an adult.

I should note that Icke's philosophy is extremely contradictory with Christianity.
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