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If you look at my post i said that if your reason for not wanting to fight the NWO was because of the 10 commandments and what i explained about that. It had nothing to do with the iraq war which i'm sure god doesnt approve of since its for evil. The war against the NWO is for a good cause. For if we remain peaceful while the NWO takes complete control there will be far more innocent people killed and enslaved then if we fight them and put good people into governement,and have democracy the way it should have been,not the sharade we have today. Cuz if the NWO takes controll and go through with there depopulation effort were screwed and wont have a chance against them. Cuz a war for the cause of freedom is one that i belive is worth firghting and if need be dieing for. This is a rightouse war we will fight against the nwo and and honourable one and it is better to fight this war than to be peacefull with them for they will never be peacefull with us, they want to controll and kill us, and are like a cancer to this world and must be terminated or they will terminate us. Also after we won the war i would never tourture them or deface there bodies after they were dead and even though they are dishonorable i would give them an honourable death unlike they would do to the innocent people they will kill and have been killing. I would rather die then give them controll of mine and everyone elses life. I whish we could do this peacefully but it just doesnt seem possible so war unfortantnly is the way to go against these evil satanic people. All of us that know the truth need to band together to save ourselves and our people, not to bicker with eachother about stupid problems we have with each other also which i've noticed a lot on these fourmes which is why i usually dont participate.
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