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Default Re: NWO is matter of pagan symbolism and magic not genes

It is clear that something like “Jewish genes” or more profound “Jewish blood” does not exist (in one of the replies to my thread “ Eurasia-contemporary Khazar Jews kingdom” orumpost8876
I mentioned a few genetic studies proving my claim, directly or indirectly ).

Stories of “Jewish” wisdom and superior intellectualism are just part of the conspiracy that will inevitably provoke unreasonable hate towards Jews.

I read at this site brilliant article written by one physist on Kabbalist Jews propaganda that made Albert Einstain –one fraud and schizophrenic –“genious” and his fraudulent plagiarism –“genious revolutionary theory”.

There is no “Jewish race” or “Jewish origin” since the vast number of modern so called Jews are of Khazar (Turk/Mongol) origin.

By the way, it is amazing and interesting that Turks, had created and maintained the most powerful empire in the World for several centuries, and interestingly ,in both of World Wars their resources,infrastructure,army,monuments etc. have been spared-; although they supported Germany in the first World War and did not participate in the antifascist movement during WWII Turks did not bear consequences for it, Jewish Kabbalists when got on power in Russia prohibited old Russian plans for conquering Turkey; even powerful and savage Stalin or Hitler did not do that , Kabbalistic Jews helped Turkes to cover up genocide they commited on Armenians; in the Middle Ages Istambul was full of Jews , also in the Ottoman Empire Jews had very high positions- they have been financiers, doctors,military commanders- for example one of the most famous Turkish sailores and naval commanders was pirate Kapudanbasha Khair- ed-din- Barbarossa (redbeard) –readbeard Jew (interestingly. Hitler’s operation of attacking Russia was named “Barbarossa”-actually the code name for the Nazi secret plan to invade the Soviet Union and occupy the so-called Aryan Fatherland -or Jewish Khazaria was originally Otto but in December 1940, Hitler officially changed the name to Operation Barbarossa; also German king Friedrich the Great – The most powerful figure and founder of German Freemasonry had a nickname “Barbarossa”)
amazingly in Ottoman Empire,pseudo- religious Sufi orders have been permeated with magic,occultism,illuminism and specially Freemasonry; the infamous Albanian dictator and communist Enver Hodja once said that he belonged to an old Masonic/Sufi family; Hitler’s esoteric mentor –Freemason,Illuminat,astrologist and occultist-founder of the Thule Nazi society - Turkish citizent (according to Harun Yahya) was Sufi -Baron Rudolf Freiherr von Sebottendorff- He was named a Master of the Order of the RoseGarland (Rosenkranz / Rosicrucians) and published a book uncovering Ottoman Sufi relationship with Freemasonry - Praxis of old Turkish Freemasonry, a study of the practice of sufi magic and occultism.

Back to the point and “Jews”-
well, in my opinion –it is not genetics and belonging to some obscure , non-existant “Jewish” race that made Khazar Jews powerful- I suppose it is their devotion to Kabbala and secret ancient magic-
Only “esoteric” (irrational) reasons could explain their current position of power and our impotence and fit with this notion.
I wrote a few lines about this in my threads
Kabbala- Bible of NWO and source of New Age pagan religion orumpost6545
and Are the Freemasons spreading deliberately data on World conspiracy orumpost6082
Not all Jews are the Freemasons-but all the Freemasons are the \"Jews\".
\"Come,I will give you some from the Synagogue of Satan,those that call themselves Jews but aren\'t - on the contrary they are lying...\"
Revelation 3:9 (Jewish New Testament)
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