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Saturnino wrote:

It is a pity you have such a limited understanding of what Christianity really is.
Then by all means define what Christianity is.

Is it following the Bible? I've done that, read it 8+ times through. Spent whole days reading it for weeks at a time. Spent a lot of time referring to original words, and definitions. Learned through context the real meaning of words and messages.

Is it going to church? -Done that too. 3 times a week, for a year and have attended many different types of Christian churches. Imo they're all ignorant of the Bible.

So what is Christianity that I have such a limited understanding about? Perhaps you could enlighten me or debunk my research on the False Apostle since no one seems to dare attempt it.

By showing that the Bible is fallible, then we have good reason to not trust any of it. Have you ever asked a rabbi why they don't believe in the prophecies about Jesus? I have.

Christianity in any form is mind-control, it makes them ignorant, inneffective, and that is dangerous.

I'm a believer in intelligent design, I think the Jewish diet is the best, if Jesus is God then I already believe in him, but I'm not going to fall for some perverse piece of literature or person telling me who He is. Even the Bible itself teaches against that.


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