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Default Re: SA Web Site Shocks The World With The Truth

We should support the crime website
July 05, 2006 Edition 1

I applaud Neil Watson's brave and determined anti-crime campaign by establishing an internet website detailing crime stories...From Zohra Moosa, Durban

This site will be viewed by worldwide viewers and will discourage them from coming to South Africa where the world cup will be held in 2010. This campaign will also embarrass the South African government for its lack of interest in the welfare of the people in this country!

I am writing this letter to urge all the victims to write their stories on the web page. Those who are not victims should still write about their fear of being victims in future. Families of deceased victims should also do the same.

If you do not have your own internet, try to go to an internet cafe and support Neil Watson. I strongly believe it is now the time for South African citizens to support one another and to stand up for their rights.

Our government is not concerned and we should make fierce noises to put the ministers in their right places. If Jacob Zuma can fight for his freedom then why can't we do it?

Charles Nqakula, minister of safety and security, insists that crime has reduced over the past years!

Nqakula, please produce your evidence with regard to the reduction of crime!

The Minister of Sport does not believe that discouraging tourists or foreigners from coming to South Africa will solve the crime problem!

Freedom shall be coming soon if only we care about one another.

Zohra Moosa, Durban
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