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Default Flash and Smash your Trash for masonic Asherah

Welcome to Refined part 9 (27/4/15)

Flash and Smash your Trash for masonic Asherah

76. Now, I have told you about satan, lucifer, baal and lots of the devil's names and guises. It is time for you to learn another huge freemason codeword "Ash" and their powerless idol "Asherah". The masons, especially the eastern star masons (ESMs) will use the word "Ash" in their codes and to cast imaginary curses on their victims (everyone who is not one of them). Asherah is the consort (partner) of baal (think Elijah). Asherah is cleverly used by the criminal elite to hypnotise the poor and uneducated. More later on the Asherah background, stick to the word Ash for now. Bear in mind that we are dealing with the satanic cult of freemasonry.

77. Flash for Asherah. While in my last Kirk, a Canadian couple (B&L) came to visit. They knew a person within our Kirk. They had a quality digital camera. They took some photos of me and this friend of theirs (using the flash-Ash) in the Church after the Sunday morning session. Then they turned up at our Tuesday eve Prayer time and started taking more photos (using the flash-Ash) of us praying. This was highly unusual at a prayer meeting, but we laughed it off. They went home and a few weeks later, I asked about the photos taken. Their friend said none of the photos turned out. Surely you would know straight away as the digital camera shows you the picture on its small screen. Anyway, I knew it was an imaginary Ash-erah curse. These Canadians are part of a big church where they live. I know you want to fill in the blanks with possibilities, just hear me out with the other flash-Ash.

78. Smash for Asherah. I told you I can back up everything with media or other. I have had glass bottles smashed (Ash) in front of and at the rear of my car. Some masonic perps smashed (Ash) ceramic plant pots at our back gate. We have had glass bottles thrown and smashed (Ash) at our front gate. My new masonic neighbours replaced the double glazing on their house. For some strange reason, they laid the two biggest window panels (old ones) out in the front garden next to our fence. We could hardly miss them. The company just left them and took all the other rubbish away. Two weeks later, the masonic dad of our new neighbours had smashed (Ash) the glass panels and left them lying there for several weeks. Surely they would have been easier to remove in one piece and not smashed up onto the grass?. Lots more on smash (Ash) later.

79. Trash for Asherah. Here in the UK, we call it rubbish, not trash. We also use the term "wheelie bin" not Trash bin. The cult of freemasonry call it trash (Ash) and it's all part of their childish imaginary Asherah curses. Keep in mind that the criminal elite call their masonic puppets (useful idiots). When I go out with our dog, people would come out and sort their rubbish (trash-Ash). They would deliberately smash (Ash) the glass bottles together (not break them) and then slam the lid of the trash-Ash bin. Now, before you judge, hear me out. There is no need to do what they do and how come they all do the same thing?. When I put my rubbish out, I put my lid down, I have no reason to slam it. I've been logging these perps for years, same childish curse each time.

I recently came out of the woods with our dog and saw a woman turn her wheelie (trash-ash) bin on its side and empty the glass and plastic bottles onto the pavement. She did not see me and I knew she had been called on her mobile phone by her controller. Her handler would have given her a code (smash or ash?) She does not know if I video taped her. She was smashing (Ash) the glass bottles together and was shocked to turn round and see me. I was also using my digital voice recorder and I told her I was doing a documentary on eastern star mason puppets. I haven't seen her since so she clearly knew what she was doing. These masonic tactics help me to document all of the masonic puppets locally. I need you to know that I have prayed for these fools many times.

80. Wash for Asherah. In the summer months, my twisted masonic neighbour, gets his jet-washer (Ash) out and cleans his path. He also jet washes (Ash) some of the pavement out side his council house. He consistently does this (and other curses and tactics) as I come home from Church or come back with our dog. I know what he is doing but he thinks he is invisible. I have suffered 13 years of intense persecution from this nicol family (nicol as it sounds nickol = nick ol = ol nick = old nick aka satan). Names mean everything to satan and his minions. The satanic freemasons deliberately moved these deranged puppets to the rear of our house. I wish no harm to any of them, I just leave it to Gods Karma (reap what you sow). They have inadvertently taught me much of how this evil operates. Still on Wash, I have had the Sha? (Ash) family from Filey on my back since 1968. Research occultic washington (Ash) and don't tell me that satan (using human dupes) does not plan way in advance.

81. More Flash for Asherah. I had previously written about masonic gang-stalking and how the eastern star masons try to get their vehicle headlights onto their victims. It is for them to flash (Ash) their lights onto you as an imaginary asherah curse (I'm serious, this is a masonic cult curse-tactic). It was referred to online as "Brighting" because nobody knew what it meant. While out with my dog on a bright sunny day, a local private taxi put his full-beam (flash-Ash) on me as I walked in front of him. I walked up to him car to get him on my hidden camera and to record him. He then slammed it into reverse and drove away (an admission of guilt). I still took media of him and the car. I have had scores of similar incidents (all with time, date and locations).

82. False idol Asherah is associated with wood or trees. The freemasons will use wood or tree names in their business or try to live at these place names. The eastern star masons will buy anything carved in wood. The local masons have placed two expensive wooden carved benches in the small park behind our house. These benches have all the mind control animals carved onto them. Oh, when will you wake up?. I know a deranged female mason who collects ashtrays (Ash).

83. Flashing lights (Ash). My neighbour 2 doors down had his house alarm with blue flashing (Ash) light go on and off for nearly two years. He done this deliberately and would set it off regularly in the early hours. I have documented dozens of other local masons do the same when I walked past with our dog. Wait till I tell you about the masonic emergency services and their flashing (Ash) lights. I have plenty of evidence on these masonic curse-tactics. Lets do it all live on camera, nothing to hide, nothing to fear. I will first put my evidence into a bag and then ask to see their logs on certain dates, times and location. How simple is that?. I will try to help your understanding, I do not get it all on a plate. Ruach (Spirit) is a hard taskmaster and I always have show that I am ready to do Father's will.

84. Sha = Ash. The masons use their puppet perps to Shadow (Sha-Ash) their chosen victims. This also known as gang-stalking. The freemasons are the most professional gang-stalkers on this planet. There is no other gang that can do this as good as the masons. The fact is that the perps are all controlled by the masonic police fusion centres (police stations). I have told you many times that all promoted police are freemasons. The taxpayer pays the wages of criminals in uniform who can only operate behind closed doors. Back to Sha-Ash. I grew up with this ESM person who gleefully lives in Shannon (Ash) Street. I am recently shadowed (perped) several times by young female called Shan??(Ash). Another female perp called Shar?? (Ash) drops her kid at school and then walks past my front door. I hear you say nothing unusual about that. Well, she only does it on satanic-occultic dates. I call her Shar??'s warning because she would inadvertently verify their stupid dates and I know that she would be one of my first perps of the day. A while ago, we bought a Doberman dog. A little while later, a local mason called mr sha? (Ash) buys one too, he called it Shadow (Ash). I have told you the cult of freemasons love mind games, they duplicate what you do. It is no less than psychological terrorism.

85. Message to God's children. Some of you may think this a bit crazy. To help me think and keep the grey matter in tune, I am occasionally compelled to play cards. I get lots of strange things happen that I cannot prove. I know which cards are coming up next or I know if I am going to lose, etc. Sometimes in the middle of my Bible studies, I am driven to play cards (against Father). I am advised not to cheat. I get told before the game if I am going to receive a message. Anyway, I play cards with Father, he gives me a chance but sometimes he blocks the cards needed for me to win. On the 28th Jan 2015 at exactly 10:19am, I was told that it is Father who is pulling all the strings and causing all of the electrical anomalies in my presence (I used to think it was the serpent). There are many messages in this for me and you, especially comfort.

86. Temple. When I was 14 (1969), I was put in Larchgrove Remand Centre for 28 days for theft. I ran away and decided to make my way to Temple in Anniesland. My sister had a boyfriend there. I did not meet him when I got there, but I made friends with his associates. I slept in the roof of a timber yard (now houses) behind the Old Kilpatrick Parish School (still there). I was charged again with theft and was held at Temple Police Station (now derelict). Some decades later, I was hired to do some plumbing jobs in Temple. These jobs were manipulated by the satanic masons who have been watching me since my human birth. I now know about the Temple and the connection to the New Kilpatrick Parish (Temple is within the NKP boundary). How does satan and his minions know? (think rothschilds). Yes, the false jews can summon the gay lord luci. Bear in mind that the masons want me dead (impossible). I have told you that this is just a body suit. Remember I told you I was given an "Infinity" message when I was 16 years old.

87. I have made it clear that Jesus is real and that I/we await Father's sign. I told you the seeds have been watered and Freemasonry is collapsing rapidly. In the last few years they are now trying to conceal their identity. They are changing their phone numbers and vehicle registration numbers, etc. All secret society members will be exposed for the selfish evil that they truly are. Now, if I/we have to wait a little longer for Father's sign, I/we shall sue the masonic perpetrators and every penny won will bless the oppressed. Or perhaps Father will just destroy all evil like He said He would? (repent).

88. Do not take this teaching out of context. This is not about me, it is about how satan and his dumb minions are trying to destroy Christianity. They have further plans to get their minions to breed children to satisfy their tickly bit (Talmud). They have plans to try to usurp God (I like a good laugh). Let me show you how ignorant you can be. There are 2 Zions, one orchestrated by the false jews and the One True Zion (God's purpose). You have plenty of hymns given for free and you chose to sing from the false jew's copyright laws (make money). Are you singing from Mission (sion) Praise?. You pray and vote for leaders who are clearly criminal freemasons hell bent on everything profit (destruction) and wealth. Almost every American senator has more than a million in the piggy bank. Here in the UK, we have a leader? who had 30 million in his back pocket before he became prime minister. The vast majority of these criminal politicians are “Friends of Israel”. I do not know these people. When will the penny drop for you? wake up. Ye are lost in satan's field. Don't even contemplate that God is bad while you are complicit in your own self-centred downfall. These leaders (chaff) have been ignoring God, that is a very stupid thing to do.The Beautiful Bible tells ye so. Trust me when I say God is right here. Yahweh lives in Milngavie.

89. I do not hate false jews or anybody but I know that there are some idiotic humans who believe they can replace God. They have no capacity to think, only to amass wealth they could never possibly use. I have worked for these people in London, my Father showed them to me. Here is my summary to teach you what you missed. Several years ago, I read about Nathan Rothschild. He lived about 150? years ago, he was a false jew who is part of a wealthy family who want to destroy all opposition (inc. Christianity) to their satanic loyalty and true purpose. Bear in mind that all evil dresses as good, it's their media so they get to convince you of their lies (and conceal their plans).

Here is the bit that you missed, nathan rothschild said " Give me control of a nations money and I care not who makes it's laws". So there you have it in a nutshell, our government, police and military are just useless puppets who will sing to their money master's (rothschilds) tune. Wake up you fools, haven't you noticed that it is you (the taxpayer) who pays their wages?. Now please research how much did Mr Silverstein insured the twin towers for?, this was just before the obvious, controlled demolition on 911.

You have to think wizard of oz, the wee masonic dangle-berry (with the big mouth) hiding behind the curtains. Pull their curtains down, open their doors and do things transparently and recorded. I have made you God's Police, ye shall expose and eradicate corruption. Do nothing today and they win. God gave this planet to his children, now take it back. Vote for me, I will serve you. I do not want a penny, nor fame nor a circus. I will do it all for you and to the glory of God the Father. Yahweh has spoken.

90. Today is the 27th April 2015 and it is 7 years since my encounter with Jesus in Rochester (27th April 2008). Number 7 is the number of God. The Word speaks of a battle, and I Am in the midst of it (smile).......

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