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Jonathan Harris should sue you for defaming his image. I have been to Brazil and it is a beautiful country, so how do the allow a tin god like you to pollute it. In defense of a defense less bastard bully like Trueshithead because you are the same coward that uses the INTERNET to punish any who post here but do not hate, hate, hate like you do. What pisses you and your cabal off the most is when you get what you cunts dish out (once again, I don't know what the hell you are). You just can't take it so you send messages back an d forth between yourselves preparing the attack especially if the poster is infinitely smarter than you Like BONDI. You know as well as I now Makow will soon pull the plug on me, but before he does you need to know that the NWO will kick your flea bitten ass to hell, your attitude and foul mouth (which I am coping) will never allow anyone to take a cunt or dick like you seriously. You are a fat greasy spider ( no disrespect to spiders) waiting to pounce on any one especially young intelligent posters and attempt to tear them apart like yo momma BlueAngel. No one hear gives a shit about the countries you have lived in or any of your other ramblings. Most of the time you mess up an English phrase here or there, but if someone points it out as proving that you are a true idiot you get offended like with redrat, but if you climb up some ones ass that is perfectly kosher (get it dunce). Like I said the NWO which is really the OWO will wipe your ass from off the world and you will probably enjoy it as long as it does involve your ass. Is this getting long enough for you to comprehend. You should be proud of being such a dog fucker like that it Trueasshole that you can make people despise you over th e INTERNET that really take intelligence and honor. A piece of shit like you would not know intelligence if you sat on it . It would tingle your over sized asshole and give you a thrill. Now since a bright all knowing adult like you is so fond of playing who gets the last word, Cunt cream its your turn. You know mulla fucker you are LOST IN SPACE.
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