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Default Re: what are your thoughts on this?

Sanjay ?i was on the net yesterday looking at all of that bible stough . i was once a Christain , born again .
then i left the faith for a long time to find my self .
last night i was totally shocked looking at what you are high-lighting here .

at one time i thought religion was a way to spread ignorance and to control poeples minds !

after years and years of being an engineer , test etc , spending most of my time analising humanity , and where its going , i must admit .
last night , i said a long prayer for forgiveness . i dont know where im gonner go from here , but that subject you have raised is totally hell shocking . i saw it last night .

its enough to make your spine shiver . it really is a horrific thing to see . i only hope like the writer , he is wrong , but then , we know he is not , dont we .

only time will tell !

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