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Default Re: I'm here because StompK said you hate me

-Adolf Hitler: human sacrificing Satanist, HPB's (H.P. Blavatsky; founder of Theo.Soc.) book @ his side

Hitler cut the hearts out of 7 men while alive !!!

-Mahatma Gandhi: Hindu guru considered a god by some; Theo. Soc. played part in his success with Brits
-HPB: initiated by Illuminatus Mazzini into Carbonarism, a form of Freemasonry

1856 - Illumined by 'Great White Lodge'; part of Hermetic Brotherhood
of Luxor; close to Eddy Illuminati family in Vermont; member of occult

Order of the Druses-->Adoptive Branch of the Ancient
& Primitive Rite of Freemasonry
-->Hermetic Rites of Memphis and
Trained by Chief of the Serpent Handlers Sheik Yusuf ben
Makerzi to handle live snakes. Hypnotized by occultist Victor Michal.

-Alice Bailey (head of Lucis Trust)Freemason

-Henry Steel Olcott (important occultist)Freemason

-Manly P. Hall (Illuminati THETA programmer, at least Grand Master within the Freemasons
Illuminati, sat on Grand Druid Council)
-L. Frank Baum

Astounding parallels between- origianl Oz book and occultism
- Oz movie and Illuminati/freemason rituals
- Oz book series and Monarch programming

Illuminati/freemason Doctors - Green, Black, White and Blue
(Mengele, Wheeler, Cameron and Mueller)
- ALL were fully knowledgeable of an important ritual book:

'Lesser Key of Solomon Goetia, the Book of Evil Spirits'

- ALL who go beyond initial levels in the Illuminati must
study entire book.

- it's an important script for Illuminati mind-control

Programmers invoke specific 'demons/'demonic' energy via ritual to enhance particular mental functions; 'demons' Typhon and Choronzon/Horonzon are essentialin 'structuring' a programmed multiple: must be invoked before early division of mind.

Michael Berieaux-->heads up Horonzon Club-->unofficial part of Kenneth Grant's OTO.
-->'demon' Horonzon looks like a 'grey' alien and was conjured up by Sir John Dee, who was QE I's genius advisor and court sorcerer.

Transyuggothian magic is carried out to reach Transyuggothian space, AKA Trans-Plutonian space/Universe B.

The existence of these dimensions are kept very secret.

Ancient cult of Star Sirius had rituals to enter Universe B.
Sirius B represented the god Ra Hoor Khuit;
Sirius Z represented the Egyptian devil.
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