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Default Arizona Assassination

Arizona Assassination

This is not a coincidence.

Okay, so let us take the Congresswoman. She was the one the man was trying to assassinate. Now, think of this. The husband of the Congresswoman was an Astronaut(not in space YET). Now, the husband had a twin brother that is also an Astronaut. The twin brother is currently in space. Now, it is also a suspicious thing that this Arizona shooting happened during the time when the brother was in space. So, here is something that could actually be true.

The brother, being in space, could have found something that the government was hiding from the general public, and so the government, or NASA, threatened the brother that they would kill the Congresswoman, so the government hired an assassin to kill the Congresswoman, and so the brother couldn't do anything because he was still on the mission. Now, here is what could happen in the future.

One, the brother could tell the secret and let the public know, but the Congress woman 'die' because the assassin would kill the Congress woman, making it look like the injury killed her.

Or, the brother could not tell and the Congress woman will be fine, but she would still be government control, so the brother would still be in danger.

Now, don't you think it is kind of too coincidental that when the assassination, the brother was still in space at the time?

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