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Default Re: Is the US being targetted with weather manipulation attacks?

I didn't want to open up a new thread for this because it's not really related. The question is, will it happen? howdown.html

* "The Champion Paper Co. is cutting [trees] on the mountains closest to
the Canadian border, creating a clear area to the border before the
mountains. They're also spreading herbicides. 'Satellite motion-sensor
detection equipment to be installed in area.'
* "Phase One of Project Philadelphia is about two-thirds completed: rise in
prices, shortages of food, power outages, civil unrest... expect a price
doubling in your staple food items.
* "Phase Three -- Quebec Hydro shutdown; this is the 6th largest electric
power [plant] in the world, and controls ALL ELECTRICITY EAST OF THE
MISSISSIPPI... Scheduled to go down any time from Jan./March. An "induced"
outage during the cold of winter (winter of '04 - '05 or a following
winter? - Branton) would create the most hardships and be a major
"emergency" crisis condition...

* There were two very high ranking Quebec hydro engineers aboard RON
BROWN'S plane. Keep your eyes on Canada. [End quoting]

What is also interesting is what you'll read the bottom of the first paragraph at the site/link provided. Was this pointing to the tsunami?
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