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Default Re: Slavery still exists?

Originally Posted by jane doe View Post
Merry Christmas as well. But alas, Christmas is another time relevant to the merchandising of expectations.

I can remember the first time I learned about intangibles man created within this linear, physical plane. Slavery was one of them. It was very odd to me that a very strong and genetically designed man could give into the mental power of a weak mix bred man. I thought an agreement must have been reached before this behavior occured.

I have not made any agreements of those around me. Unless I am shackled and named a hostage, once the shackles are removed, I am free. Whether I run and am killed is all a choice. Being dead is easier and more free than these agreements and mental bonds. Many "slaves" sang their self to freedom.

Perhaps, Algebra, you are a slave to the concept of slavery. Have you tried to undo the bonds of slave vs. free bounds?

The space between the two is a resting plateau.

The government also has multiple agendas and mental objectives. Obama has fallen into the abyss quite rapidly.

I hope you wish your way out of slavery.
Im full of many internal conflicts that need addresed but on addresing them i shall probably see no need, nor seek the wisdom of others. Your insight may have freed me from slavery. For that i am thankfull, but im still bound tight by my thirst for knowlege.
Algerbra - All the knowlege we have is created by us. Can we be trusted?
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