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Default Only God Can Free You

Originally Posted by Algebra View Post
O.K im gonna keep this short because your just repeating your self now.

I have no problem with you believing in God or bieng part of any religeon. However you need to understand that just because you do. It does'nt give you liscence to go around preaching that we as non believers are all evil. Thats when you come in to conflict with people like me. By calling me evil you've now opened your self up to attack. The last thing you want because i will do exactly as i have been. Make you realize that your religeon is no more than in instrument used to keep you under control. As long as your under control someone else is in power. Making you no more than a willing participant to your own slavery. You've been brain washed. Why cant you see it? Im not saying it to piss you off. Its true.

So if you dont want this kind of attention then leave those who dont want to believe out of your little rants. Faith in someone who does'nt exist is'nt exactly a strong possition to start a one man crusade.
No, you are not evil. Just your religion (and it is spelled RELIGION-USE SPELLCHECK!!). In fact the Scriptures plainly say "All have sinned and come short of the glory of God". In other words, ALL HUMANS, have sinned. You, me-ALL OF US. Despite what your religion tells you, humans are sinners- people who fall short because they have a rebellious will that puts them in conflict with the will of God.
The wars,hate, e.t.c is a RESULT of this innate inability to OBEY God. It CAN NOT be changed by social programs, psychology, 12 Step Programs, trying to be nicer or kinder-ONLY BY GOD!
Your argument is not with me-it's with God. Untill you perhaps someday come to FULLY understand that by your own will or effort you CAN NOT be "good" , you will continue to be, AS ALL HUMANS ARE, by definition, evil. Your religion simply takes God out of the equation and make YOU God, as if you were the Creator of this wonderful Universe and final arbiter on the moral order that should be the basis of sane living in a sane and truly good society.
The only difference between you and I is this: I ADMIT I am a sinner, and that I NEED God to help me because I am incapable of NOT being this way. I am human and this means as a human being I was born with the innate desire, tendency and INABILTY NOT to sin. When i do wrong, I promptly admit it to God, ask forgiveness and seek to amend it by asking forgiveness from whom I have wronged. I then ask God to help me not to do it again because, being human, it is my nature to do evil.
I have a challenge for you: If you can be good with God then tell me this: Are you able to NOT do some thing you consider wrong, even when you KNOW it is wrong? Have you not done things, over and over again, you KNEW was wrong but STILL did it? The answer is yes, because YOU are enslaved to sin and CAN NOT, of your own free will and power, FREE YOURSELF!

No, you as all of us are a slave- a slave to sin. Only God can begin to allow you to be released from your bonds. Untill then you will remain today, tomorow and FOREVER...A SLAVE!

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