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Default Re: Who will they Destroy Next?

Let me tell you something. I am sick to death of CHILDREN being punished unmericfully and put through the court system; charged horrendous fines for one little act of junvenile behavior!!

I'm tired of it.

Once they have these kids in the system, it is difficult to get out.


like I said, I'm tired of this POLICE STATE!!!

Let kids be kids! I agree some children commit awful acts and should be punished accordingly; but I'm talking about "stepping out of line" which might involve disobedience in school of a minor act and the police being summoned!

Oh, the Zionist Jews!!

I have one thing to say on that subject. Those Jews who are opposed to Zionism ought to take off their attire, spend some time away from the Temple, open their eyes and oppose it openly. Stop worshipping the state of Israel. You are all prisioners there; controlled by the Zionists.

You live in a state that sponsors terrorism against you. A state that provokes terrorism in the region.


you are so completely and totally "brainwashed" to your religion that you are BLIND!!!!

The police are out of control!!
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