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Default An open letter to the world,

First off, I'm so sorry that we in America had become so weak that we allowed George Bush and company to stay in power, let alone get into power in the first place.
The fact is, no one in their right mind would have ever contemplated that America would be usurped by a dictator minded President, or have the realization that the people in high places in our beloved country had put things in motion long ago for the eventual coup d'etat against its own people, and for the domination of the rest of the world.
We have failed to speak out as a people in whole that we still have the power and we refuse to let government destroy our most cherished documents of America's history, and to erase treaties that made the world a better place. We have also failed our duty to God, to think, and not just be lead like an ox with a ring in its nose, for this I am also sorry for.
Although the darkness has not yet swallowed up all the light of reasonable and rightious thought, the forces in power have put America in a deep hole that will be very difficult to climb out of, simply because a majority of the people of this country continue to believe that our press, whether in print, radio, or the all powerful TV have intentionally lead America astray, and thus they refuse to wake up to the fact that they are controlled by the state, (note), there is a bright spot though that these people are beginning to realize that they have been sleeping, and have been mislead.
We, the people who have awoke to the realization of Americas demise are truly trying to reach these people, but it is a hard road to toe, because we have such a small voice to get our message out, please have patience with the people of this country, it is our government, churches, and media that is to blame for their ignorance, as for me I will continue to try to get the truth out and restore our countries common sense.

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