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Default Re: PM outlines tougher anti-terrorism laws

We're both probably not Aussies then. lol

I remember the Kiwi whom installed my Telstra line about 10 years ago. He'd been living in Oz for almost 8 years, and myself about 2 weeks.

He asked what I thought of the region and such. Didn't really have a lot to say. But he did. heh

Like a burst dam he was. Though in a nutshell, he was particularly concerned about warning me of all the pitfalls of the culture (which I thought was rather harsh, him robbing me of the experiences )

Let's just say the man was nearly dead on. And probably went back years ago. He liked the people, but not the system and apathy. Which by default means that the people don't have a whole lot of input.

Personally, I like the legislative kneejerks for simple things like guard rails, and sea shells, and for residents whom want to permanently leave the nation, but not without their mandatory superannuation funds that only Canberra can draw out in their 30's anymore. And them too. Protests for biscuits, beer strikes, teacher strikes, nurse strikes, all on the most opportune day of their years.

And when being approached by police officers for no reason at all, I like knowing that I am powerless to question their motive and recieve a reason. Being herded into Booze and Drug Bus corrals like guilty sheep is always a soul enriching experience also. And the taxes... when the hidden tariffs, fines, and fees are added to income tax, half your money mysteriously disappears. And that's before you hit the 50,000 threshold when 47 or what odd rate legitimately becomes half your income.

All in all, I love the place.. lol (well, friends-family-hobbies, etc, I do)

And we have beaches! And Neighbours, and pre mix liquor in a can. 8-)
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