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Question Re: Barack Obama???

So you're saying that Barack Obama could be the Maitreya son of Perdition?
Could be I havent entirely made up my mind on this guy!. He seems to promise the US and the world many wonders and also promises PEACE MAN and PROSPERITY dont they all!. You know the anti christ is meant to be a man of Peace and deception on the one hand however bringing war and pestalence on the other which is kind of what Bill Clinton was like so he could fit the bill who knows but then so could someone like pallin maybe shes the Harlot of babylon.
On another note i wonder what happend to this mysterious Ron Paul fellow that american conspiracy boffins keep hammering on about he seems to have disappeared into his texan dust bowl. Not that we have heard of him much over here Aus the guy had never been in the mainstream media and still isnt a little strange that dont you think!.
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
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