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Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post

Are you kidding me?

Do you watch or read anything you post before you post it?

I'm not defending any of our politicians, but to post something that is completely FALSE is not what you should be doing if you are, in fact, a conspiracy theorist who seeks to impart the TRUTH about our corrupt government.

You posted a youtube link wherein the title states that Obama will disarm the US military and HE NEVER SAID THIS.

What don't You understand about GUN CONTROL STUPID IDIOT???
Gun Law News - Barack Obama

Barack Obama -- GOA 2008 Presidential Candidates and the Second Amendment
who cares whether a utube link did'nt impart the information of disarmment of the military, but if you had as much knowledge as me in this area, you would know the State department and the NWO have been trying to disarm all guns from citizens across the world, private ownership of guns here in america has been a TOP PRIORITY for idiots like Obama.

Nobody else on this forum even comes close to posting things about our corrupt government, take a look around moron, you have a shill posting garbage about new age/new world order religous beliefs, along with your stupid garbage, then the guy from down under trying to not be (offensive) so he wishes Obama to be president, despite monumental info I've posted about his NWO ideals, Again BA, I say to U>>>>>F..U and the horse you rode in on.
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