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Default Re: Contrails cannot form into clouds (proof!)

Originally Posted by TrutherD View Post
How did you find the site?
Populated by trolls. One of them is YOU. I've read the thread.

How's the weather where you are? Let me guess... cloudy, right?
Wrong. It's Tenerife and 25 deg C at noon. Winter. Yet sunny all day.

Being of healthy age you must remember what it was like to have beautiful blue skies, interrupted only by big fluffy clouds and short-lived tadpole-like trails from aircraft.
I saw my first continuous trail at Southport, Lancashire, in 1954. It was the beginning of the seventies (Dunstable Down) when I first saw the sky completely covered by contrail cirrus.

It's a shame that it is being destroyed and our children may not ever know that beauty, isn't it?
Supersaturation (and therefore inevitable overall cirrus cloud coverage by heavy air traffic) only occurs for 17% of the time. Randomly, of course, because that's what weather is - RANDOM.

Because air travel depends on oil and we have passed "peak oil" it will be a forever-reducing phenomenon. Growing oil products isn't going to make up for it, because land resources have also to meet the food demands of an increasing human population. It's crunch time right now. Such "destruction" as you mention is also at its peak.

The water of the ice that precipitates out onto aircraft exhaust ice is purer than tapwater because it's made from pure water vapor: only 0.01% of it is exhaust condensate, and only 0.3% of that 0.01% is NASTY.

A falling (they always do that!) contrail is a line of falling snowstorms which evaporates as it passes through the tropopause. It may not look like that, but a moment's thought will tell you that it is just as far over your head as the horizon is away from you - six miles.

I personally prefer blue skies - so I live here. Even so, flights passing from Italy to Brazil pass overhead and on occasion leave a persistent contrail. However they are so infrequent they NEVER cloud us over, and our skies remain blue.

What I find DEEPLY shameful is the way YOUR "truth" is the exact opposite of REAL truth. It will be a better world when you (and all the people like you) QUIT your little lucrative "chemtrail" businesses, your lies, and your slander. And not until...

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