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Default Re: Holocaust or Holohoax ?

I agree with you Draken. Today, Hungary should be rather be called New Khazaria since the descendents of this legendary people seem to be in absolute control of the country.

To be honest, the Hungarian have never been able to unite. Therefore, the Mongols, the Turcs, the Autrichians, the Germans, the Soviets... and the rest have all had or have good time in Hungary. The only reason Hungary still exists is probably the uniqueness of its language which works as an unalterable cultural cement.

By the way, I wonder which cement will assure the survival of the "Jewish" people now that most of them have lost their religious roots and are on the way to lose also their specific linguistic roots. How long will the "Holocaust" or the Zionist doctrine be able to replace these lost roots?

The day it will be impossible to define "Jewishness" by anything else than "to be born from a Jewish mother" (an absolute tautology, of course) is probably not so far. Then, if there still will be anyone on this planet dreaming on a psychotic "Jewish supremacy", this lonely bird will be in a serious identity trouble.
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