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Default Why American Women Are Big?

Why american women are big?

4 or 5 decades ago women depended on men
for finance and security. What that meant
was it was important for women to keep
men attracted to her even after many years
of marriage. To keep men attracted women had
to be kind, caring and keep their body

Self-Reliance and independence has been
emphasized more than ever in the last
four decades. This mainly happened because
of the change in the economic activity.
There are plenty of jobs available for
women that they don't really have to depend
on men for financial security.

For generations, marriage was just more
than the convinience for sex. Opposite
sex complemented each other. When men
provided finance and security, women
complemented with taking care of home,
kindness and good looks.

Now women don't need security/finance
from men. That has changed the equation
quite a bit. Now women need men for
fathering a child and for some sexual
need. As women need less sex than men,
women sure are in more demand now in USA.

When you are in demand, you hardly give
a damn. :-) You eat what you like. You
say what you like.

That I think ended up in the modern
american women we see.

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