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Default JFK: Inside the Target Car Fact or Fiction?

Technology puts JFK conspiracy theories to rest. A team of experts assembled by the Discovery Channel has recreated the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Using modern blood spatter analysis, new artificial human body surrogates, and 3-D computer simulations, the team determined that the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository was the most likely origin of the shot that killed the 35th president of the United States.

Why was a Winchester rifle used and not the Carcone?after all were they not attempting to prove the authenticity of their point? Their admission that a Carcone rifle was unsuitable,speaks volumes?.

What caliber bullet was fired from the grassy knoll in this programme?Was it the right caliber?A 6.5mm caliber bullet fired from the grassy knoll would have gone through the President's head and would have killed Jackie Kennedy.Did we see that in the Zapruder film?

It would seem that the Zapruder film "shock",and now the discovery channel JFK: Inside the Target Car " shock" as mislead people to silence.
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