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Default Re: Will Americans have a voice if Democrats take over Congress?

I think if the Repubs continue to have carte blanche they will roll over every possible freedom this country used to be proud of, to your answer, NO, I don't like the Democrats either, but their not the ones that are pushing all the legislation right now.
Atleast if we get them out, the Democrats will have to look at many a thing that has happened in this country, it won't be so easy for them to ignore us, that I'm sure of.
Take for instance Chaneys energy commision that has been sealed from the people of this country and also sealed away from the democrats, they've said they want to know what was done in this meeting, once they get in they'll have that chance, if they forget that they said that they wanted the meeting to have some transparency, we can nail them on that, promising that they wont be coming back in four years.
Conyers has talked alot about impeaching bush, if he seems to forget this once they have power, he'd be another one out.
There are also those that want the 911 investigation reopened, shouldn't we try to get a changing of the guard so this has the oportunity to come about?
Its easier to attack an enemy, if they just get into power, rather than those who just ignore the opinions of the masses of disinfranchised Americans as is present now.
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