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Default Re: How The ORANGE Order Run the World


Note the map grid of the Globe on the left, with heavy equator line, and the Globe on RIGHT, un-maked(un-marred), with Australia in the centre.

Recently, on Australia's ABC Lateline, the presenter sat with a, sort of, map of the world behind him, but with Australia on his RIGHT and Italy/The Mediterranean on his left.

Fans of the old British TV show, The Prisoner, would have also noticed this focusing on Globes and World maps, featuring Australia.

In the following quote, my notes are in;(RED)

Originally Posted by 2tuff
There is only one country that may guard the pope and that is switserland.
Switserland is virgo our "lady currency" so world bank guards the pope!
(So is it only by 'chance', that Australia produces 65% of the World's Bank Notes?)

The swiss guard show their shield to the pope.Remember the eight spoked star on the mantle-piece? Well here you se it again so same room.But you see it on the floor aswell.That is really a big one hey?:

Here the flag in more detail.Notice the letter M on the coffin?In the centre the shield of the commandant of the guards:

The commandant his name is: Elmar Theodor Mäder so they made the shield for EL=saturn MAR=venus (green).Yellow=generating principle:

(Indigenous Australian Flags)

These guards are always comming from a "canton"(kind of provence) and the canton's symbol of the guard is this:

And they say this about it:
Green was at the time the colour of revolution and freedom, and sometimes referred to as the "light green of the new order". If the fasces were three-dimentional there would be eight staffs, but only five are visible.
(and 3 of the 'Horns' that fell, would be replaced by the 'Horn' that made war against the saints)

What about that letter M on the coffin?:

The letter M is the V of venus between two pillars,it is the 13th letter so "luke skywalker",it is the sigma of seth(saturn) and it's the trinity of the whole enterprise.
(and as in "The Birth of Venus", 'she' is an Island, between the 'Pillar' Continants)

You will note the Orange and Green, but what screams out to me, is that the Covering Orange can walk from the land (anciently, when the Land was dividing and a "REED"/shallow sea was between the still close South Americas and The Land "GIRT" by sea in the centre of the Pacific), across land to 'The Pearl', in the middle of the seas, while there is no land, that the Green is flying/sailing from having been long ago separated from that ancient Super-Continant.
Still both 'sides'/colours are coming to her. In the beginning and in the end.
I know, it seems alot to take in and sort, but there is so much more, these are just some of the posts on the topic.

But that's their power, tieing themselves to every well intentioned group, in order to keep drip feeding their Anti-Christ doctrines as "good".

Oh folk will decry Freemasonry, the Catholic church, etc. but point out that their friendly enviromentle groups and mothers clubs are also part of "Hydra" and they feel personally offended so shut thier minds to whole big, ugly picture.
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