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Hi Ahmad, this is a response to your original post. I certainly share the essence of what you are saying, but I believe that Satan has real power on Earth through his influence on our minds.

Let me explain my view.

Those with knowledge have power over the ignorant: that is real power by deception. The only way to nullify this power is to reveal the truth to the ignorant. However, to change the attitude of the masses is a mighty task. To get someone to change their attitudes, first you have to give them some information that is within their latitude of acceptance. Considering that New-world-order theories (or should we call them facts?), are often refuted as paranoid delusions, it is clear that the topic is way beyond the general latitude of acceptance.

If, by some miracle, a benevolent, God fearing, pro-theorist, gained control of the Western media and began a campaign aimed at revealing the truth, it would have to be done incrementally, and over a long period of time. You could think of it a progressing back to the truth.

The problem is, I doubt whether this will happen anytime soon.

How do they get away with it? Simple, we live in a realm of deception. It is possible to deceive people on this Earth and in this universe. You can lie, cheat, steal, and conceal all kinds of things from other people. This is where Satanís power is found: through his ability to deceive you with his rebellious spirit. Everyone is open to deception because of the very nature of our environment.

However, once you know and believe the true knowledge, that is Godís knowledge, you can see through the deceptions of the things that ultimately matter. Whether Israel is going to bomb Iran, or the USA landed on the Moon, is ultimately irrelevant.

Satan does indeed have a very real power over people. He uses people through deception to carry out his rebellious whims. But if you really believe that God exists, you will tap into a much greater power than Satanís deception. Godís power is mightier than Satanís, but Satan gets much more prime time media coverage on Earth.

What do you think Ahmad? (the invitation is open to everyone though)
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