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Default Re: "missed it by that much"

One of the causes which the A.U.S. promotes is genetic engineering. When most of us were born, if anyone got cancer they probably ended up dying. Now, because of medical research, if people get cancer they will probably survive. Similarly, at present, the most that we can expect to live for is another 60 years. But, because of research into genetic engineering, before this 60 years is up, the life expectancy will increase by another 70 years! This is why we are keen for governments in wealthy countries to spend 10% of Gross Domestic Product on medical research.
In ya face. No finesse these fools.

But wait these's more!

Another of the Union's pet causes is the eradication of "political correctness". This is a set of political policies being promoted by various pressure groups that the Catholic Church has set up. The Catholic Church claims to support Protestant values, such as opposing abortion and gay rights, but actions speak louder than words. The Union's Catholic Church page considers the evidence that the Catholic Church is behind "political correctness".
:-D ROFL...quite literally!

Theres to mush to laugh at...can read no more.
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