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Howdy y'All !!

I found this forum using google today, after being wrongfully banned from the David Icke Forum. The moderators at DIF are complete idiots !!
Here's what happened:
I started a thread in the Have A Laugh forums.
Myself and apprx. 4 other members were posting there daily for several weeks. Yesterday a user named lightgiver left a reply on the thread saying that we were all trolls and the thread was bullshit and should be removed.
I thought that was uncool so I posted a picture of a piece of shit on his profile page. He got mad and sent me a PM threatening to smash my teeth and other insults. I reported the threat to the moderators. I also posted a comment on the thread that he had threatened me.
Next thing I know I got a message from the moderators that I was being banned for posting that he had threatened me.
Now next to my name on the forum it says "ON WARNING" - which is a joke.
There is no warning - I cannot post, so if you ask me, that is being banned.
The Mod Merlincove and the Tech Advisor EX SHEEP are total powertrippers and get off on handing down their wrathful punishment. This is the second time I have encountered a unfriendly user and the second time I have been banned from their forum when I was the one being attacked. In 2009 someone started an argument with me and I was banned for that.
What makes it obvious that they take sides and selectively enforce rules is the fact that the guy who threatened me was not disciplined at all.
If he was it would say "On Warning" next to his name too, like it does mine.
So in the eyes of those in charge of DIF, it is OK to threaten someone, but it is NOT OK to tell anyone if you have been threatened.
Now I know why people say David Icke is a Nutter. He would have to be to allow these people to run a forum under his name. They certainly make him look bad!
I was considering burning my new David Icke book yesterday but it was over 50 dollars, so maybe I'll sell it.

I hope this forum is different. Please let me know anyone that has had similoar experiences, or anyone that wants to let me know what this forum is like.

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