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Default Re: Look Out! China's Comin Ta Get Ya! Booga, Booga!!!!

Thanks for clearing that up, truebeliever.
Well, i believe i'm basically right. But that does'nt make me right. Nah...lets face it, i'm right and everyone else is wrong. Why pretend.8-)

The scenario you spelt out--though I meant no ill to American people--does make some karmic sense, if you believe in karma.
Well, no. If the American people knew what was going on they would definately deserve it. They dont, and in fact if they did there would be lynchings all round.

I personally believe that the U.S is simply not made for Imperialism. It's karma is Cancerian and simply wants to be left alone. The reason the average U.S citizen is'nt interested in the outside must be scared to death into action. And even then it's heart is simply not in it.

We would see a different story if a foreign invader went into the U.S.

The NWO bastion of choice in Asia, as you point out, would be a different story. Australia is made for International Politics. It has a fine military tradition and because of it's Sagitarian nature loves to travel and...kill people. In fact Oz troops do well at placating the locals due to the fairly friendly nature of Australians.

The plan in the long term (if we have one) is to abandon the U.S to itself after sucking it dry and head on Down Under. We will undergo RAPID development both economically, industrially and socially with a massive boost in immigration to get numbers up and over 60-80 million in the next 50-80 years. Oz will play a PIVOTAL factor in enforcing the new "Rule Sets" in Asia...basically overseeing the destruction of their ancient cultural traditions and turning them into widget buyers and factory workers.

If you have money up land my friend. Even with a economic collapse the U.S/European/Asian/Jewish Elite are poring in already and bringing their cashola and "contracts" with them.

That is why I will be leaving here or at least majorly lowering my time here. I have to get worthless "money" to buy me some land before I cant afford it!

Best mate.
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