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Default Re: Extraterrestrial Lie advances New World Order


by Patty Tunnicliffe

For as far back into recorded history as we can go, we find that man has looked at the heavens in awe. Their vastness and distance has inspired mystery and wonder, causing men to attribute some kind of meaning to them. Various cultures have felt that messages of importance could be found in the skies. Some saw images to which they attributed importance. Others came to believe that the heavens in some way governed man's history and even his personality. Great significance was attached to comets, asteroids, and even to the stars themselves.

Time has not changed this. Man today is fascinated by the heavens as much as ever. Two primary `heavenly' fascinations have gripped our present day culture: extra-terrestrials (ETs) and angels. According to a recent article in Time Magazine, 22% of all Americans believe that intelligent beings from somewhere other than earth have visited our planet. [1] ETs are the subject of our movies, our television programs, and UFOs are even the subject of our commercials. There are `alien' themes for eyeglasses, artwork, tee-shirts and even bumper stickers. Books in Print has as many titles on UFOs as it does books on the Kennedy family. [2] UFO sites are prominent on the world wide web. There are seminars and entire conferences dedicated to the subject. In fact, many people today live their lives dominated by the belief that there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. Recently, we even witnessed the deaths of men and women involved in a UFO cult. Like men of old, they attributed such importance to a comet that they took their lives, hoping to join a UFO that they believed was trailing behind the Hale-Bopp comet.

Others are equally taken with angels. People magazine reports that 75% of Americans believe in angels. [3] Like the ETs, angels enjoy their own TV shows, books, and artwork. If you have an interest in angels, you can buy angel jewelry, attend an angel conference, an angel tea, or an angel club. Angels have become big business, and have spawned a whole new industry built around these messengers from the skies. We will refer to them as the “modern angels.”

It is interesting to note that great wonders and signs in the skies attended the birth of Christ. Angels appeared in the night sky giving glory to God. A special star guided the wise men to Jesus. The difference today, however, is that the angels seem to have changed places with men. Instead of the angels appearing in the heavens speaking to men on earth, some men now claim that the angels have come down to earth to speak through men. Others say that they have been taken up to the heavens in a UFO. Man now looks down at earth from a spaceship, and the angels are on earth speaking through, instead of to, men.

The Proper Questions To Ask
In considering an analysis of these two current phenomena, our primary question needs to be: “What in heaven's name is going on?” Are men really being visited by ETs and angels? Is there really intelligent life elsewhere in the universe? Is it really contacting us? Are the angels really speaking through men today? What are they saying? What is their world view? Does it measure up to the Christian gospel? If it does, then we need not be concerned. But, if in fact their message promotes another gospel, then it will have a different Jesus, a different means of salvation, and reflect a different world view. In that case, all Christians should be very concerned. We should question and confront any other `gospel' and ask ourselves what might be the source of these manifestations. Before we discuss the phenomena, however, two preliminary questions must be asked: who are the people involved with angels and UFOs, and what are the sources available for our study?

The people who are involved in these two phenomena might surprise you, for they are surprisingly everyday men and women. They are not weird, nutty people as some might expect. The men and women that are claiming to be involved with ETs are overwhelmingly ordinary. They come from all walks of life, have no unusual psychological profile, and seem to be more like your typical neighbor than some kind of weirdo. The angel devotees range from New Age aficionados to sincere, but naive, Christians who believe that a variety of angels are visiting us today. As with any group, you do find some rather strange people talking to ETs and angels, but for the most part, the men and women encountered represent a real cross-section of the population.

We must also understand the various resources that are available for our study. In examining the ET phenomena, we have two primary sources of information. First there are the men and women who claim to have been abducted by a UFO. We learn about them primarily via a small group of people consisting of doctors, counselors and psychologists, who are retrieving the abductees memories of their UFO encounters via hypnosis. Although a few of the abductees have written their own kiss-and-tell ET-encounter books, the bulk of UFO accounts come from second hand accounts of the hypnotists. The other source of UFO information comes from the channelers. Channelers are men and women who claim that spirit entities of various origins speak directly through them. The ET channelers claim that their entities are delivering messages to us from somewhere in outer space.

When it comes to studying the angel phenomena, we find that most of the books, messages, and information come directly from channelers. There do not seem to be many, if any, accounts of angel `abductions.' Unlike the UFO contactees, the channelers are prolific writers. You can go into any bookstore and find shelves of books about angels written by someone who claims to be in direct touch with angelic beings. Let's look, then, at the alien and angelic encounters of today.

The modern day UFO story began in 1947 and continues to the present. But, what began as mere sightings of unidentified flying objects has progressed to something so bizarre and so frightening that it should arrest the attention of any thoughtful person. The `state of the art' UFO story has taken many turns since 1947. Let's see what it looks like today.

UFOs, ETs And Their Message
People still claim to see UFOs, but the primary area of UFO/ET study today circles around literally thousands of otherwise normal men and women who claim that they have been abducted by ETs. A typical abduction scenario goes something like this. Sometime in the dark of night, a person becomes aware that he or she is being taken out of bed, into the air and onto a space ship of some kind. The abductee is utterly helpless, unable to move, and frightened beyond belief. Surrounded by a great light, the abductee is taken onboard the space ship and met by one of a variety of ETs who communicates with telepathically. The abductee is subjected to a physical examination that routinely features the harvesting of semen from men and an invasive probing for the eggs of fertile women. The abductee is shown pictures or images of destruction. The ETs try to reassure the terrified person by telling him or her that there is no reason to be afraid. In fact, the abductee is told that the Ets can be trusted. The ETs come in peace, they have our interests at heart. They have had a history with us, we have never been alone. They often profess great love for the abductee and for mankind in general. In the midst of the most terrifying experience imaginable, to helpless people who have been taken against their will, the ETs try to convey love, happiness, and peace.

Two primary messages are given to the abductees. The first type of message deals with the environment and with catastrophes that the ETs say are about to overtake the earth. The earth, we are told, is a living organism that mankind is killing. Through pollution, the defoliation of the rain forests, and our general lack of care for Mother Earth, we are on the brink of disaster. We must stop polluting our planet. We must abandon our penchant for war and for nuclear weapons. Both will lead to earth's destruction. Whitley Streiber, a well known contactee, was shown visions of catastrophic proportions that included scenes of wars, earthquakes, meteors, and polar shifts. He saw the graphic death of the atmosphere and witnessed the entire planet exploding. [4] C. D. B. Bryan, an investigative writer who chronicled the famous Alien Abduction Conference at M. I. T. in 1992, noted how many scenes of nuclear war, and genetic mutations were projected to the abductees. [5] They saw apocalyptic visions of a coming holocaust characterized by famine, pestilence, disease, and total ecological collapse.

The ETs tell us that we must stop our fighting, our pollution, show reverence for Mother Earth, listen to them, and clean up our act. They can save us and keep us from all future disasters. One woman contactee is told that “during a future period of human strife they [the ETs] will intercede and save us from ourselves.” [6] The ETs will guide all mankind to a period of great peace and unification. They are our new teachers, here to instruct us about our own survival. [7] Only as we learn to trust them and listen to them can we be saved from destruction. Salvation will indeed come from the skies, but it will come from the Space Brothers.

The second type of message is just as frightening. It begins innocuously enough. We are told that the ETs are here to remind us of a truth that we have forgotten, the truth of who we really are and why we are here. They have come to raise our consciousness, to fully reveal to man the true story of the universe and of our history on earth. In short, they are here to reveal real reality.

They explain man's history on earth as follows. They begin by saying that the biblical account of the creation of man is all wrong. Man is not a creative act of a personal God. Instead, we were `seeded' here thousands of years ago by the ETs who have since been overseeing our genetic evolution and development. Mankind is the product of genetic corrections done by the ETs over thousands of years. [8] Cro-Magnon man was the result of genetic manipulation by the little gray ETs. [9] They say that man has evolved, but our evolution has all been overseen by the ETs. In fact, the primary reason they are contacting so many people right now is for genetic purposes.

This message is repeated through a series of on-going abductions, for contact continues for many years. Eventually many contactees are shown babies that the ETs say are hybrid babies, part ET and part human. Some women are asked to hold these babies, and many come to believe that they are the genetic mothers of these hybrids.

A variety of reasons are given for the creation of the hybrids. Contactees are told variously that the ETs are doing this because mankind is becoming sterile. [10] Alternatively, they are doing this because, as aliens, they only have a limited range of emotions. They are desperate for human genetic material so that they can feel human emotions. [11] Some are led to believe that perhaps the alien's own survival depends somehow on interacting genetically with mankind. [12]

People are told that the result of all the genetic activity and experimentation is to create a new race of men, men with genetically altered bodies that will enable them to enter different dimensions of time and space. Man will be changed both physically and spiritually. We will have new abilities. Today's isolated psychic events will become commonplace as men gain new abilities in such areas as telepathy and astral travel. We will eventually master even reality itself. One ET entity currently being channeled tells us that we will “now have physical and psychic gifts that [we] were meant to have ever since the time you humans first left. . .” [13] All this will be accomplished by the merging of the two species. Another extra-terrestrial entity broadcasting through a women who has taken the name of Zoev Jho has channeled an entire book called E.T. 101, in which we are told that we are on the verge of seeing human history altered by a genetic shift in our DNA codes. [14]

Few people in 1947 really believed that there was life elsewhere in the universe, yet most people today accept it as fact. Given enough time and proper reinforcement, the unthinkable eventually becomes accepted. The current UFO accounts seem so fanciful that, absent a serious consideration, most people laugh and dismiss these accounts outright. However, if we are to study the implications of these messages, and analyze the fallout from them that is beginning to seep insidiously into our culture, we will find that alien messages are no laughing matter. Sober Christians today should carefully examine the implications of the ET messages for our world before dismissing them. Four primary implications of the alien messages warrant our consideration.

Critique of The UFO/ET Message
The first and most primary problem for a Christian in the alien messages, is that the ETs have carefully but certainly usurped the role of God. They appear as transcendent beings that are superior to man. They know what we don't know, see what we don't see, and can solve what we can't solve. We are told that they can save us. There is no need for a personal God, no need for Jesus. Just trust the aliens to deliver us from the troubles ahead. They have a plan, they pose the questions, and they provide the answers.

Second, they usurp the role of God as Creator. God is not our Father. The ETs are. They are in charge of life. They seeded life, control life, and are bringing mankind's life to fruition. It's all under their control.

Third, if they are our creators, then we must owe something to them. How about our souls, our hearts, and our allegiance? Whitley Streiber writes that his experiences have convinced him that the human soul is very much an issue with the ETs. [15] At one point he comes to feel that one ET has provoked a struggle for his soul, for his very essence. [16] Other ETs ask for abductees' hearts, [17] and demand that the abductee `believe in them.' [18]

Fourth, when the alien messages are all put together, we find that their combined effect is the creation of a new religion. Themes of transcendence, supernatural entities, spiritual evolution, and our `seeded' origins all combine to form a new, religious outlook on life. A new `religion' is in the process of being formed right on our TV screens every night. It does not have a church, for it is universal. It does not have membership, for everyone is automatically a member, if they so choose. It's missionaries are the UFO contactees themselves, what author and channeler Brad Steiger refers to as “the heralds of a New Age religion.” [19] As strange as this may initially sound, consider the following. As a result of encounters with the ETs, the lives of men and women are being changed. Our beliefs about man, his place in the universe, and our purpose on earth are all being impacted. Our entire worldview, the way in which we ascribe coherent meaning and purpose to life, is all being challenged and replaced with an alternative point of view. Whitley Streiber acknowledges this when he writes, “we are dealing with a new system of beliefs on its way to becoming fixed into religious dogma, the way the religion is in my case emerging, right into the middle of a mind with no obvious allegiance to it at all . . .” [20]

Do their messages constitute a new view of the world, and therefore a new religion? If so, how do they compare to the Christian gospel? Are we dealing with harmless fairy tales, with stories of fanciful imaginations, with the ravings of a few crazy people? Or are we dealing with a cleverly crafted, subtly implemented new gospel? To authenticate that the messages and world view of the ETs does indeed constitute a `religion,' let us examine what the UFO occupants are teaching about the following seven religious components: reality, reason, God, religion and Christianity, Christ, man, and the Bible.

Listen first to the ET view of reality. The ETs say that mankind has fundamentally misunderstood reality. Reality is relative. [21] We create it via our thoughts. [22] Zoev Jho even says that there is really no such thing as reality. [23] What we perceive as everyday `reality' just isn't. In a very fundamental way, the ET world view challenges everything: what we see, hear, touch, and understand as being real, just isn't. Reality is something to be manipulated and changed by new, evolved men. Reality is the `ET story' of our seeding and evolutionary development under their oversight. Reality may be anything but what it appears to be.

When it comes to reason and rational thought, something every Christian ought to cherish as a gift from God, the ETs put it all in the trash can in favor of an experiential, pragmatic view of life. Ken Carey, an author who channels multiple ETs, quotes them as saying, “There are but two roads before you. You can walk in the innocence of those who trust . . . or perish in the impending collapse of your rational systems.” [24] “Your individual birth will take place at the precise moment . . . when you stop struggling with your rational fear patterns and let yourself go in the divine dance of inner direction.” [25] Gina Lake and Joy Gilbert are two examples of people who have been contacted by ETs. Gina is in `telepathic contact' with an entity called Theodore. Theodore told Gina, “Trust yourself. Trust your feelings. They will tell you what you need to be happy and fulfilled. Don't judge your feelings.” [26] Joy is a contactee. Her ET said she was not to “let anyone tell you how to think or feel.” [27] Look within for answers. Don't hold any belief tightly. It is only thought and thought changes. In other words, don't think about all this too much. Just trust the ETs. Go with your heart. Don't trust the old worn out rational ways of thinking. Thoughts are not to be equated with truth. They change. Just trust and all will be well.

How do the ETs view God? Is He the personal, knowable, transcendent, `other than' God of the Bible? Not exactly. The ET view of God is founded first and foremost in another way in which the ETs see reality. They see reality as consisting of one primary force, one `thing' if you will, one piece of seamless energy or thought. God, creation, man, and even the ETs all blend into one unified totality of being. Everything is interrelated. There is no `other than.' The ETs tell Joy Gilbert, “We are all connected by our very nature.” [28] We are all the same substance. Each of us is made from particles of creation. In a view such as this, God loses all His defining features and personality. God becomes part and parcel of everything that we see. Phyllis Schlemmer is from Israel and for years has been channeling an ET called Tom who speaks for the “Council of Nine.” Tom says that, “in each of you there is God, and in each of us there is God, because God is love, and love is with us all.” [29] God turns out to be a god of a monistic, pantheistic worldview.

What about religion and Christianity? The ET message is one of syncretism. Whitley Streiber writes that as a result of the ET world view, “we are beginning to cease to care about the differences between faiths . . . all faiths . . . are coming to seem as valid to each other as they probably always have been to God.” [30] Erich Von Daniken, one of the popular purveyors of ET lore, says that there is an “intellectual Day of Judgment” coming, and then we will know that there are not tons of religions, but just one. [31] Sir George King, a noted master of yoga, was contacted one day by an ET who spoke through him for a number of years. The founder of a group known as the Aetherius Society, Sir George was told that the ETs are here to enhance all religions. He was told that we will see “a breaking down of the barriers between different religions” as men turn to mysticism. [32] The message is a pervasive one. No one religion is right. We are all on the same path. It doesn't matter what you believe. Randolph Winters claims to be in touch with a group of ETs from the Pleiades. They tell him that religion has outlived its usefulness and no longer has any valid answers. The ETs, and only the ETs, have the answers. We are not to listen to religious leaders, for they have no authority. Their words are only information to be integrated into our own personal path as we see fit. [33] The ET that channeled The Only Planet Of Choice says point blank that Christianity is no longer the guardian of truth. [34] We are to look to the stars for truth. [35]

The divergence between the ET worldview and the Christian worldview becomes most apparent when we come to the subject of who Jesus Christ was and why He came. Jesus is anything but the one and only, unique God-man. He is said to be a great Cosmic Master, an ET from Venus who trained on a space ship, a space brother who was planted here, an ascended master, a great yogi, or an evolved spirit born of a Pleiadian father and Mary. “Generally speaking, in the Space Beings' teachings, Jesus of Nazareth is not God but is a Christ, an ascended master, who incarnated so that he might demonstrate the Christ-pattern . . .” [36]

ETs tell us that Jesus did not come to bring salvation to men who were alienated from God. He came instead to give us a nice set of ethics, to expand our consciousness, and to deliver a space message of love and brotherhood. He taught reincarnation, denied a literal hell, said that evil does not really exist, denigrated the Bible, and said that men are all connected with and are a part of God.

This Jesus was not virgin born and did not die any kind of an atoning death for the sins of mankind. He is, however, coming again. But the alien version of the Second Coming of Christ, not surprisingly, is much different from the traditional, biblical view. One ET version has Christ returning in a space ship, performing great miracles. Anyone who does not heed his words the second time, will be removed from the earth. [37] Other versions say that Christ will not return as an individual. His return will be a group return: A single individual will not be returning, it will be a collection of Christ-like men. [38] The purpose of all this will be to transform our consciousness and to bring all men together in a peaceful new world. There will be no judgment, no Battle of Armageddon, no blood, and no accountability. It will be uplifting, a raising up of mankind, and a happy, positive event.

When it comes to a consideration of man, we find another divergence from the Christian world view. According to the ETs, man has evolved. Man has also had a series of previous lives, and therefore we have all experienced reincarnation. This means that death is not an enemy. We should not fear it. Death is only an illusion. Verlain Crawford channels an ET known as IXACA who tells her the following about death: “The idea . . . that you could have physical immortality, that you could live forever may seem ridiculous. However, we suggest that it is imperative to change this core belief as you move into the higher dimensional frequencies . . . you now have the opportunity to consciously choose any age you want for your physical body and to experience the health and vitality of that age.” [39] The common message is that death is our friend. It is nothing to fear. Our bodies are only containers that we shed easily as we move from one life to another. [40]

What does all this mean for man's basic nature? If we are evolving, being reincarnated, discarding one container-body for another, then who or what are we? We have already seen that the ETs teach that we are beings that were `seeded' by them here on this planet eons ago. But many of them take it one step further and teach that man is really god. We are all sparks from the divine. [41] Virtually every channeler today that claims to speak for an ET has a version of the same message: man is God. Listen to the following, all taken from a variety of channeled ETs: “we are sparks from God.,” [42] “in each of you there is God,” [43] “be still and know that YOU are GOD. . . . Each and every person will know that he is GOD!” [44]

The ETs that speak through Ken Carey say, “You are not born into sin. You are born daily into the Presence of God . . . ” [45] Man is not a sinner in need of a Savior. In fact there is no such thing as sin, for if man is God then sin does not exist. Sin is just a `mistake,' an `imbalance.' If man is not a sinner, then there is no need for God to forgive or save us. We only need to forgive ourselves. Our salvation comes from the ETs who will save us from the disasters ahead and reveal to us the truth of our real origin. There is no hell, no judgment, and no accountability in the world of the ETs. There is only trust that they are here to save, protect, and help us.

Lastly, what do the ETs have to say about the Bible? Is it the inspired, inerrant, infallible Word of God? Not according to the aliens. The ETs teach that the Bible is full of mistakes. It has been changed, and the church has tampered with its true teachings. [46] It's true message has been misunderstood. Diane Tessman is a popular ET channeler today. Tibus, the ET that speaks through her, says, “it is the MISUNDERSTANDING of [the Bible] which has proved very detrimental to the human race for hundreds and hundreds of years now.” [47] Dr. Fred Bell of California interacts with an ET known at Semjase. Semjase says that “the Bible [has] been edited, which resulted in its original message being altered.” [48] Over and over again the theme is the same: the Bible is wrong, it has been changed by men, it's true message has been lost. To help correct this, new `scripture' is being written. A former French race car driver, whose ET contact goes by the name of Rael, has rewritten parts of the Bible as a result of his encounters. [49] Other ETs stress that the biblical accounts are only stories meant to be read allegorically or symbolically. Whatever the Bible may be, it is clearly not a reliable book. It is full of mistakes and errors and is in need of rewriting and clarification. Wise men would not treat it as truth.

Taken as a group, the ET version of reality, reason, God, religion and Christianity, Jesus, man, and the Bible comprise a very different version of the world and man's place in it. The ETs have a complete theology, all of which stands in stark contrast to historic Christian doctrines. We are, in fact, seeing the emergence of a new religion and, with it, the emergence of a new world view.

To more properly understand the impact of all this, we should consider what a world view is and why it is important. Simply put, a world view is the way an individual views the world. It is our way of explaining and making sense out of reality. A world view helps us make sense out of life. It answers basic questions like who we are and why we are here, who or what God is, and what constitutes reality. It gives meaning and purpose to our lives. A world view is the core around which we run our lives, make our judgments, and form our values. People often fine tune their world view making minor refinements here and there. But, rarely do they trade one world view for another. When they do so, the results are so profound and shattering that it is often referred to as a paradigm shift.

Thoughtful observers of the UFO scene today identify a new world view emerging as a result of the ET messages. It is a world view that is beginning to permeate the culture at large. Jim Marrs, in his book Alien Agenda, writes that many people feel that the ETs are here to expedite a shift to a new reality. [50] After attending the M.I.T. alien abduction conference, C. D. B. Bryan concluded that we are in the middle of a paradigm shift. Men are asking how we relate to the universe. [51] We are being forced to rethink how we perceive ourselves. Soon, man may no longer be seen as central to the meaning of the universe. If we are not the only ones here, and if the `others' are superior to us, then the entire concept of man as a unique creation of God will begin to be re-worked. A new view of man will necessitate the formation of a new world view.

The contactees themselves often describe what has happened to them as a shift in their world view. Whitley Streiber says that he went through a “thoroughgoing revision of being.” [52] He writes that the entire UFO experience “implies that we very well may be something different from what we believe ourselves to be, on this earth for reasons that may not yet be known to us . . .” [53] Zoev Jho underlines all of this saying that the ETs are experts at transmuting crumbling realities. [54]

Very few researchers have worked with more abductees than John Mack of Harvard University. After years of studying this phenomena, Mack writes of the “ontological shock” that the abductees go through. [55] When they realize that their old view of reality does not hold up, and all their old beliefs are so strongly challenged, their concept of reality begins to crumble under the weight of an ontological collapse. Michael Craft, author of Alien Impact, sums it all up when he concludes his book with this remark: “Perhaps we are headed toward a causal collapse, or a reshaping of reality that ignores all the old rules, except for those found in old fairy tales. Wherever we finally go, to oblivion or to the stars . . . it is clear that humanity's oldest friends in the UFOs are along with us for the ride.” [56]

The UFO phenomena, then, is not just the stuff of Hollywood movies, TV shows, and a few crazy people. It is essentially about a fundamental challenge to our understanding of reality. But it does not represent the only messages coming from the heavens. We still have to consider what the angels are saying to us.

Modern Day Angels and Their Message
If the UFOs and the ETs abduct men and women in the dark of night, scare them half to death, and often terrorize them for years, the angels do quite the opposite. Angels are happy. They are loving, fun-filled beings that most anyone would be pleased to encounter. Yet, like the ETs, modern day angels have a definite set of messages that they are purveying via their contactees, the channelers. And, their messages also combine to form a world view—one that is eerily like that of the ETs.

First of all, today's angels say that they are here to do some pretty wonderful things for mankind. They tell us that they are here to cheer us, help us, guide us, advise us, bring us hope and comfort, and give us peace. They are like cosmic cheerleaders rooting for us, encouraging us to be happy, and offering great self-affirmation. They are our coaches in the game of life. [57] They are here with our best interests at heart. We can trust them. They come bearing light, love, happiness, and mirth.

Second, angels say that there is a time of change and trouble ahead. The authors of Ask Your Angels write that “we stand on the brink of massive change. On the one hand, we face apparent global disaster, and on the other, there is the potential for the most glorious spiritual transformation our species has ever seen.” [58] The earth, a living entity, needs healing. Man has polluted it and today we threaten both the earth and each other with nuclear war. The angels say that they will not allow this to happen. They are here to show us that “love can heal our planet.” [59]

Third, angels also teach that man will be transformed. According to the angels, “a new awakening is coming to humanity . . .” [60] Angels will be the agents of this transformation. “As you have probably gathered . . . there is a larger plan at work here. . . . Something profound is on the move. . . . All is in place for the coming transformation.” [61]

Fourth, while all of this may sound light and helpful, angels subtly slip into roles that the Bible ascribes to God alone. The popular, channeled angels of today answer prayers. Betty Eadie, author of Embraced By The Light, says that during her near death experience, she “saw angels rushing to answer . . . prayers.” [62] “They always responded to the brighter, larger prayers first, then each prayer in turn, until all of them were answered.” [63]

Angels also bring us the peace of God. John Randolph Price, one of the organizers of the World Healing Day, credits angels with the fall of communism and the peaceful outbreak of democracy. [64] Angels work miracles, they heal, they teach us, and form partnerships with man. Instead of praying to Christ, we should look to angels to answer our prayers. Instead of the Holy Spirit as the purveyor of peace, guidance, and comfort, we have the angels. Instead of the healing power of God, we have angelic healing.

Karen Goldman is the author of a popular angel book called, quite simply, The Angel Book. She attributes characteristics to angels that the Bible attributes to God alone. According to Karen, angels are omniscient: “Angels always know where to find you. . .” [65] Angels also are here to lead us, to help us, and to fight our battles. She says that angels will never leave us [66] and even portrays them as being the representations of man's highest conception of love and goodwill.

Other popular angel books even envision angels as part of the Godhead. According to the angels who have contacted Nick Bunick, the Godhead is no longer Triune. Nick writes that his angels have told him that the Godhead now consists of four entities: the Father, the Son, the Spirit and the Angels. This is true because angels have the complete spiritual means to fully evolve. [67]

Some angels make a particularly egregious claim. They claim to mediate grace to men. In numerous books, various men and women that are in touch with modern angels connect them with the mediation of God's grace. Sophy Burnham, author of one of the most popular books on angels, writes that angels bring grace. [68] Alma Daniels' angels promote their own “GRACE Process.” [69] From answering prayers to dispensing grace, angels, all of whom the Bible says are created beings, have clearly moved into God's arena.

Critique of The Angelic Message
Angelic messages also combine to create a new, religious world view. Let's look at six areas to see the impact of their pronouncements. First of all, modern angels debunk rational thinking and exalt experience, hunches, and intuition. We are told to live each day by the light in our own minds and heart. John Randolph Price's book The Angels Within Us stresses that our ultimate authority is our intuition, not our rational, cognitive skills. His angels say, “Regardless of what your mind tells you, what does your intuition say?” [70] Just follow your heart, and you will be fine!

Second, the angelic view of God is based on a monistic, pantheistic view of the world: God is in everything and everything in the universe is God. [71] Raymond Spina had an angel come and reveal truth to him. He subsequently described God as follows: “each dot represents a part of the whole, the totality of infinite dots is the whole, the Supreme Creator, our Father, the one referred to as God. All life is a part of this Eternal Infinite.” [72] Others in touch with angels see God as the impersonal force of the universe. [73] In fact, God becomes so vague, that angels say we can just as easily call him the Universe, Mother Nature, Great Spirit, or “whatever name puts you in touch with a higher power.” [74] And so, the great personal God of the Bible, the `other than,' transcendent Creator, becomes one with creation. God is stripped of everything that differentiates him from man, or for that matter, from a tree.

Third, if this is how today's modern angels see God, it should come as no surprise that they likewise view all religions as equally valid. Angels call upon us to jettison our limited religious points of view. We need to be more broad-minded. Raymond Spina and his angels preach that there is no one true religion. “When you are truly conscious, religion is no longer necessary.” [75] Given enough time, all truly aware people will formally abandon church and organized religion. Karen Goldman writes, “To angels, all roads lead to Heaven.” [76] In fact, not only do the angels teach a syncretistic version of religious belief, one group of writers says that their angels actually work to create a unity of religious understanding: the angels are “common to so many religious traditions, (that they) cut across all these differences, creating a common ground, a unified field of consciousness.” [77]

Many of those contacted by angels leave any `Christian' persuasions behind saying that they have `outgrown' Christianity. Angelic messages convince many that Christianity is just too narrow-minded and too judgmental. It certainly doesn't fit with the happy, non-judgmental, broad minded angelic beings of today.

Fourth, if this is how the angels see Christianity, it should not surprise us to learn how the angels feel about the central figure of the Christian religion, Jesus Christ. Angels tell us that Jesus was an ideal prototype for mankind. He is our `higher self,' a man who became `the Christ.' Jesus was a great medium, or a very advanced spiritual being. He preached love, unity, reincarnation, and pantheism and denied death as part of reality. Many of the angelic accounts of Christ's teachings sound more like an Eastern guru of today than the Christ of the Bible.

According to the angels, Jesus talked mostly about joy and happiness. One man who was visited by `Jesus' (after many years of occult angelic contact) discovered that Jesus has an outrageous sense of humor. After a visit with Jesus, the two of them wound up roaring with laughter. [78] What a far cry from the sense of awe that one would expect if in fact Jesus really did appear.

The Jesus of the modern angels came, not to die for our sins, but to set an example for us. John Randolph Price sees the importance of the crucifixion as Christ showing us how to die to our lower nature, give up our personality, and replace our human consciousness with a divine one. [79]

The angels say that Jesus is coming again, but his second coming is seen as something symbolic, a part of an evolutionary process in which we will attain a kind of higher consciousness: Buddha-consciousness, Christ-consciousness, or Angelic-consciousness. There is no personal return of Christ, and certainly nothing as negative as judgment. The Second Coming is always portrayed as a blissful, happy event, one that somehow benefits mankind.

Fifth, when it comes to man, angelic themes include evolution, reincarnation, and a very repetitive emphasis on how we do not have to fear death. “Our culture perpetuates the notion that life is short, death is forever, and something to be feared. That isn't the angelic view. They tell us that we are immortal souls, who keep evolving even after death.” [80]

Angels inform us that man is in fact God. We are one with God. We contain a spark of divinity. We have a God-nature. In what amounts to a kind of ultimate blasphemy, God's unique name, I AM, is even appropriated for man: “In the quietness of my mind I am consciously aware of the Presence of God I AM, and I contemplate my Holy Name: I AM . . . I AM . . . I AM . . . I AM.” [81] Scripture is even mangled to bolster our claim to divinity. John 10:30, in which Jesus claimed a unique unity with the Father, is twisted to the point where it allows men to say, “I and the Father are one, and all that the Father has is mine. In truth I am the Spirit of God.” [82]

If this is taken to be true, then those who accept it also accept the angelic message about sin: there is no such thing. There is only evil, confusion, error, and disharmony according to the angels. One angel, an entity who goes by the name SARGOLIS, speaks to Andrew Ramer and says, “. . . God doesn't want us to be perfect. It only wants us to be present.” [83] No sin means no need for forgiveness or for salvation. There is, therefore, no hell and no accountability. In fact, we are the only ones involved with forgiveness. We simply need to forgive ourselves. Over and over angelic messages stress this. We are the only ones involved in the act of forgiving. John Randolph Price's angels have dictated a prayer to him in which they tell men to say, “Spirit of the living God within, my precious Holy Self, I totally and completely forgive myself for every thought, feeling, word and deed of the past.” [84] The angels offer us an evolving, reincarnating, divine version of mankind. A very appealing version, perhaps, but one that certainly diverges from what the Bible tells us about man.

The last area of angelic messages for our consideration involves their view of the Bible. Modern day angels tell us that the Bible is meant to be understood symbolically. It's events are not literal, historical events, and much of it is in fact fables. In addition, biblical accounts have been changed, rewritten by the church and alleged `powerful men.' Raymond Spina's view of the Bible after his encounter with angels is that the church rewrote the Bible because the Fathers knew that men were not ready for the truths of reincarnation and evolution. Now, we are more capable of knowing the truth, but the church refuses to release the true story to us out of fear of loss of power. [85] So, biblical truth isn't truth at all. It's just a bunch of nice stories, and much of it does not represent the `original' truth of Christianity. Now, though, the angels are happy to be here to straighten all this out for the more advanced men and women coming on the scene today.

From their view of reason, God, religion and Christianity, Jesus, man, and the Bible, current angelic messages diverge widely from orthodox Christianity. Together they form a complete world view with its own explanations of who we are, why we are here, and what is ahead for planet earth. At many points their world view may sound `Christian' in that it speaks of Christ, Jesus, God, forgiveness, and even salvation. But, a close look will easily establish that whoever or whatever is promulgating these messages, this is not a Christian message and does not reflect a Christian world view. What then are we to make of all this? What in heaven's name is going on?

Similarity of the Messages and World View
There is an eerie similarity in both the messages and the world view of the ETs and the modern angels, and we find that there are several aspects of these phenomena that should cause us to reflect more carefully about them. Four factors should cause us to think that all may not be as it initially appears.

First of all, it must be noted that many, if not most, of the contactees, channelers and the recipients of angelic messages have one thing in common: in one way or another they have had a previous involvement with some aspect of the occult. Their involvement ranges from tarot cards, automatic writing, psychic episodes, meditation, astrology, visualization, divination of various kinds, activity with mediums and spiritists, astrology, magic, and a whole assortment of paranormal activities and encounters, all of which are directly or indirectly condemned in the Bible. In many cases, contact with the ETs and the angels actually accelerates an interest in or involvement with the occult. Involvement in any of these areas should cause us to consider what the source of these messages might be and who or what it is that may be peddling them. Whoever or whatever it is, we can say right up front that it is in close proximity with and is all mixed up with `other spirits': spirits of divination, magic, and occult activity. We can say for certain that if this is the case, these messages are not originating from either the God or the angels of the Bible.

Second, in the case of the ETs, many contactees and observers note that they are not truthful. In fact, they lie to men and women repeatedly and act in a manner that seems calculated to deceive. They profess great love for mankind and say that they are here to help us, yet not one instance can be found where any ET has done something really beneficial for mankind. They have not offered one original solution to planetary problems. Nothing that would help clean up the mess they so decry. No advice or help that would lessen our offensive warlike tendencies. After years of studying the ETs, Budd Hopkins writes that they seem to “have brains, but no heart.” [86] They destroy the peace of multiple thousands of men and women, leaving them frightened and trying to pick up the pieces of their often ruined lives. In his attempt to unlock the alien agenda, author Jim Marrs writes about how ironic it is that messages promoting love, brotherhood, and unity are only learned through cold, intellectual study and physical intrusion. “It's a bit like trying to teach someone to dance-you can explain about steps and count all you want but unless they have rhythm, forget it.” [87] Alien messages are dominated by prophecies that don't come true, and we know that they do not speak truthfully about God, Jesus, and man. Upon closer examination, we find that the ETs are neither loving, nor truthful.

If they are not really kind and honest, it should cause us to question their entire agenda and their real reasons and motives. In fact, it should raise the possibility that the aliens are not at all what they appear to be. Jacques Vallee has studied the ET phenomena perhaps more than any other contemporary investigator. Vallee has been indefatigable in his studious pursuit of alien appearances all over the world, having visited contactees on many continents. He has interviewed countless men and women. Eschewing hypnosis, he has recorded their lucid accounts seeking to understand what is really taking place. He has reached several intriguing conclusions, one of which is that the aliens appear to be operating in a way designed to deceive mankind. Their lies, the secrecy in which they operate, the broken promises, the lack of forthright explanations, all combine to convince him of this. Vallee laments that ultimately “the real story of [their] deception . . . may `die unsung . . .' and it may never be heard over the clamor of happy multitudes preparing to meet their new alien leaders.” [88]

The third area that should alert us that all is not well is that the nature of the modern angels and their messages in no way matches that of biblical angels. The angels of the Bible operated very differently than those of the late 20th century. When biblical angels appeared, they delivered a message, usually a rather succinct one, and then were just gone! No recipient of one of these messages ever developed an on-going relationship with a biblical angel. No one had an extensive conversation with them. Angels were the messengers of God, nothing more. Their conversations, for the most part, were very one-sided. Angels were never the mediators of God's grace. They did not proclaim the message of reconciliation. They did not preach or teach doctrines. Their messages are more frequently associated with God's judgment than they are with proclaiming good news and love. God's love for man was fully and completely proclaimed by Jesus Christ. The apex of God's love is seen at the cross. It is not displayed by cute, happy, frolicking cherubs preaching a saccharine, easy gospel of love.

It is the fourth area, however, that should convince us that the ETs and modern angels are preaching and teaching a world view that is something other than Christian. Both entities usurp the role and place of God. We have already seen that the ETs do this with their claims that they are here to help and save us, that they love and created us, that they are in charge of us, and that they are overseeing our future development and history. In short, they act like sovereign, transcendent, `other than' beings. The angels do no less, but in the case ETs, the way in which they usurp God's rightful place is blatantly overt. Angels are created beings. Yet, the modern angels elevate themselves, and seek a place in our affections that should be reserved for God alone. The current angel craze borders on idolatry, and in many cases it outright crosses the line in an ultimate blasphemy where the creation is worshipped, idolized, and trusted over and above the Creator. Biblical angels refused all worship. Twice in the book of Revelation an angel emphatically admonished John not to worship him. [89] The angel said very clearly that we are to worship God and God alone. No true angel who serves God would ever accept the attention, affection, and idolization that modern angels accept.

These four areas, prior involvement with the occult, the deceptive and untruthful nature of the ETs, the non-biblical nature of the modern angels, and the fact that both groups usurp God's place and God's prerogatives, ought to tell us that whatever is happening, it is neither of nor from God.

If it is not from God, what other possibilities exist? William R. Goetz, Christian author of UFOs, Friend, Foe or Fantasy?, tries to help us narrow the field. Goetz comments that these phenomena are either real or not real. If they are not real, they could be hoaxes or hallucinations. Men and women could be making fraudulent claims for their own ends and purposes. It could all be the product of some kind of mass hysteria or illusion. If the phenomena are real, they could be explained by either a scientific or supernatural means. Scientific explanations might encompass a variety of technological possibilities. Natural phenomena that at present are not understood by man could offer explanations for what we think are ETs. [90] But, if the eventual answer turns out to be supernatural, we already know from the Bible that there can only be two sources of spiritual or supernatural activity: God and His angels, or Satan and his demons.

The Bible offers support for the belief that the core of this mystery is a spiritual one. We are told that all forms of divination, magic, mediums, and spiritists involve spiritual forces propelled by Satan, and we are strongly admonished to stay completely away from all these things. The Bible also clearly states that from the very beginning Satan has been the purveyor of `another gospel, another Christ and another spirit.' Paul writes that we are not to be deceived by Satan's cunning devices designed to lead our minds astray. [91] He even equates the agents of other gospels with Satan and reminds us that Satan himself can masquerade as an angel of light. [92] Long before our modern day claims of a new, angelic gospel, Paul admonished us that if an angel from heaven came and promulgated another gospel, that angel is to be eternally condemned. Because of the nature of all of their messages, the source of the ETs and modern angels cannot be the God of the Bible, nor His angels. Thus, we are left with Satan masquerading as ETs and modern angels. [93]

Christian Discernment
I believe that in terms of the messages and world view that the ETs and angels are promoting, Christians cannot afford to just stand by and casually wait to see what the ultimate explanation turns out to be. Even if the laws of our universe may yet offer an explanation, there is still a spiritual force hitchhiking on it, using it for its own purposes. Even if we do not see the eventual day when the spiritual forces behind all of this will be unmasked for all to understand, we need to be concerned that our culture is being fed a gospel and a world view that flies in the face of what the Bible, the prophets, the apostles and Jesus Himself told us was true.

All Christians are commanded to be discerning about spiritual messages. We are told to test everything, all prophecies and all doctrines. [94] In addition to evaluating the gospel that is being presented, one of the key tests that we can apply is the `Jesus test' that John writes about in one of his letters. [95] John tells us to evaluate what each and every spirit says about who and what Jesus is. We have already seen what the ETs and modern angels say about Jesus, and we have noted that their explanations of who and what Christ was do not match the Bible. My own reading and research failed to find even one instance where the ETs or modern angels confessed that Christ was uniquely God come in the flesh, or that he provided the one and only way to God through His sacrificial death for our sins. William Alnor, a well known Christian researcher of the UFO scene, concurs. He writes that he does not “know of a single case where an extraterrestrial message has passed the `Jesus test.'” [96] Alnor also notes that every `angelic' account he investigated “has failed to affirm Christ came in the flesh as the only way of salvation of humankind.” [97]

Because Christ is not confessed according to a biblical formula, because all other Christian doctrines are similarly denied, because the entire world view that flows from these two phenomena stands opposed to a Christian world view, and because the messages are both overwhelmingly spiritual and act to form a new religion we must conclude that, whatever else is going on, the ultimate source of the messages cannot be of God. If they are not of God, the only remaining source of spiritual messages is Satan.

The Christian world view has lost a great deal of ground to the new world view coming from the heavens. It has happened in a surprisingly short period of time. It has been aided and abetted by cute ETs and cherubic angels and has been propelled by the media and a host of books. ETs and angels have become part of our culture today. Men are looking and listening to the heavens.

Christians need to understand the dangers of the messages coming from the clouds and respond accordingly. We are called to expose the deeds of darkness. [98] But, Christians have dismissed the ET phenomena as absurd and fanciful, and have either ignored the modern angels or embraced them as being from God. The Christian response needs to be more considered. The body of Christ needs to look at what is being taught and promoted by these entities. The messages need to be set against the Word of God. Christians need to analyze the world views being promulgated, and, having done so, we need to say openly that this is not of God.

In short, Christians need to be reminded that we are called to know God's Word, to preach and teach it, and to correct and rebuke error in a loving but firm manner. The Bible tells us that there will come a time when “men will not put up with sound doctrine . . . They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.” [99] In such a time, we as Christians are admonished to keep our head in all situations, do the work of an evangelist, and discharge all the duties of our ministry. [100] We need to stand on the Word of God and tell it like it is to a world being led to hell by `heavenly' beings.
“...I realized I had to gain more knowledge to protect against evil and to protect myself from not becoming evil myself. This is our major goal in life...\" Terry Lee
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