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Default Re: becoming change agents... the other side does it!!!

Originally Posted by truebeliever View Post
I'm off to the local public access T.V station today. We are going to develop a weekly panel show called..."Club Conspiracy".

It will be humour based. No one will be safe.
So, how did it go with the local cable access?

I ask because, that's what ralph epperson did in arizona and he televised "secrets of history".

I think this is one of the best ways to sound an alarm.

And I'd have to say that ralph did a real good job , of going thru the history, step by step to prove his theory.

I believe that most of us here have a sincere desire to wake up the sleeping, and we are all looking for a "key" to unlock the mind of those who cannot see thru the veils as don harkins aptly wrote.

I think the truth is, desire alone on our parts is not enough, and when I said "key" I should have said "keys" because, I don't think that one "key" will do it.

It is a maze of information, of story after story, that I think can only be absorbed, a little at a time, otherwise, it is like putting your face in front of an open fire hydrant to try to take just a sip of water! One will obviously be overcome with too much water too fast and will pull back. We've all seen the reactions! I hate to say it, but dropping the issue after seeing the "recoil" is probably best.

A little while back, I talked with a friend whose sister I was interested in, she was twice divirced, and I asked how she was doing, he told me to ask her myself, and proceeded to give me her number. [ he obviously knew she was still interested ] So I called and we talked awhile and the truth movement came up...we were on opposite sides! That was the end of that! So, what I'm saying is, it is a very difficult wall to penetrate, even with people you know, which I knew, but I wanted to be upfront about it, before investing time on some romance only to discover later, that invisible wall, because I needed her to be on the same page as I was.

Anyways, I think playing a well thought out dvd on cable access might be better than having a confrontational show. I'm hoping to hear a follow up on this very old thread...
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