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Default Re: Who is the Real Enemy ?

The real enemy is the false self, the spawn of a lying serpant that feeds on the devine essence, who we really are, in the form of daydreams and fanciful identification with the lie in which we are immersed. The real enemy is the loveless trance in which we walk and talk and work, the soul numbing drugs, all of the hideous conditioning that we endure. We have met the enemy and he is in us like a parasitic fluke of the spirit, that responds with quivering adoration to all of the stimulating shadow play in our fear of death and isolation. The real enemy is the unacknowleged lie in which we swim like blind fish. Follow me, I will make you fishers of men. The real enemy is our willfull deafness,ignorance and the cowerdace that keeps us blaming "them". The real enemy is the unwillingness to love ourselves and see that everywhere we look, and everyone we see is a reflection of our condition, our spiritual credit line. The real enemy lives in the time a mother doesn't have for her children,inhabits a country that is watered with tears of those children, adopts them for all eterniity. The real enemy is easy to demands respect and offers only intolerance in return. The time has come, my friends, to cut the crap and get real, compared to what you got. Break away from the restless machine, grown hot and filthy with the wastes of its appitites. Sacrifce the coddled serenity and its partner anxiety, the chemical stratigems of coping, and come out into the bracing cold of the real situation-the only place from which we can effect any meaningful change. The revolution is not political this time, though it may be argued that any human endevour is by definition political, the revoltion is nothing less than the mass awaking of our species to a new level of being, our true birthright and the legacy of every preceding generation of humanity. Indeed, you are not alone for there streches back into the very origins of life, the hopeful presence of everyone who lived and died to leave us here, those who deliver us to the doorstep of everlasting life. Do not be caught napping. Stay awake with for an hour. And pray, pray without ceasing. awake
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