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Default They, robots... CBQYJVC?xml=/news/2005/02/17/wrobot17.xml&sSheet=/news/2005/02/17/ixworld.html


"The Pentagon is spending 70 billion on a programme to build heavily-armed robots (...).

(...) robots capable of hunting and killing America's enemies.

"The American military is already planning units of about 2,000 men and 150 robots (...)

A US navy research centre in San Diego has already produced a robot built to look like a human. At 4ft high, it has a gun on its right arm and a single eye and could shoot at a target.

One researcher, Jeff Grossman, said the intelligence of the machines was increasing. "Now, maybe, we're a mammal. We're trying to get to the level of a primate."


We all know what is the main problem to solve on our planet: poverty and environmental destructions due to the profit oriented almighty corporations and the planetary-power oriented kabbalistic banksters. Are the killer robots going to solve this problem... or are they going to prevent it being solved?

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