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Default Re: Was Christ A Mere Prophet Or God? Excellent Book On Subject.

I will tell you...i care not one sub atomic particle on whether people beleive or not, or what their level of beleif is.

I care that most of the people here believe in a power greater than the State...Yeh!!!!!

However, the bible has been under assault for centuries. Why? Not because of the failings of Jesus Christ. Not because the New Testament is flawed but because elements of society were rebelling against the total, absoloute hypocrisy of the idiots supposedly teaching the message of Christ. Rightly so.

There are also the intellectual elements, who on discovering science and the rational side of man naturally scoff at many of the stories. This is also mixed up with a big load of arrogence.

This is probably a natural movement.

There is also a disruptive element who are just plain evil.

I just say to you...consider the points i've made and maybe even buy the book. What i wrote their is 1/10th of what he had to say. Truly, if you are honest, you will have to at least admit that the N.T is not simply "metaphor" or "parable" or "symbolic" but is based on actual events and witness testimony.

By any measure of an ancient text...the N.T passes with flying colours. That is a verifiable FACT based on premises used for hundreds of years.

There could be a big pack of lies...However, I could think of much better ways to control people than the teachings of Jesus Christ...i mean think about it? You want to control people so you what...? Use the made up story of a carpenter who claimed to be the son of God and was executed by a Roman Governer? I mean, i could think a few better ways, cant you?

Do you beleive George Washington existed? Maybe his life is just metaphor? Have you ever met this bloke they call george Washington? He's just in a book. Come on...the illuminati made him up!

Ever met Lord Rothschild? How bout Henry Makow? Any of you here met Henry Makow?

That God incarnated into this world, completely conscious of his divinity, performed witnessed miracles, gave his life as a sacrifice for truth and other far deeper meanings...a little scary for the rational intellect to take up.

Maybe i'm just deluded.

I've been down most every road in my short 34 years on the planet, tried every drug, looked into most religions, nearly went mad, considered suicide, spent years in therapy, thought Carl Jung was a prophet and then ended up 1 ft to the left of where I started...deeper into my belief in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ...a man, completely conscious of his divinity.

Whatever turns you on...sincere good luck to you. My original post was just to point out that if one is willing to beleive in this, then they're also going to have to beleive in that. I dont like it when people pick and choose.

I never try to convert people and yet i constantly come accross people trying to tell me Christ never existed, but it's a nice story. Christ did exist but he married a prostitute and left us a few tips for living...blah blah blah...if everyone is so sure then I guess we can end the thread here.

I've made my point as God commanded me...i shall now be rewarded with a good flat white coffee down by the sea.

Allah Ak'bah!

Sincere best to all!
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