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Default Re: Thinking about joining, anyone with me?

I agree with much of that, truebeliever, except that I am firmly convinced that it is almost impossible to become a wealthy businessman or a lawyer or any of those career choices you mention without being a Freemason first. Their screening process is so thorough, they can shut you out (or at least make success in a chosen field very difficult) if they don't want you competing with them or threatening their control of a certain profession or industry. Why do you think John Kennedy, Jr. kept flunking his bar exam so many times?

They look for cool headed characters who can get the job done. Show Ponies need not apply.
Oh yeah, I agree 200 % with that statement. In the shadowy world of Freemasonry, discretion is the better part of...everything. Sociopathic personality types, with the cold, dead look in their eyes and the emotionless voices -- dead giveaways to upper level freemasons. The ones who never flinch when challenged, but just tell even more convincing lies, those are your "made men", the ones the Craft looks for and who will advance to the highest levels. Sometimes mind control is involved to achieve this effect, often with trauma or child abuse by parents or guardians. Illuminati are often indoctrinated this way from infancy. (See Dr. Henry's articles about Svali, the Illuminati defector.)
Illuminati Defector Details Pervasive Conspiracy

Join an outlaw motorcycle gang. They do a lot of the Masons dirty work and also that of the Jewish Mafia out of Melbourne.
Yes, yes, hell yes. The Pagans and Hell's Angels have been running drugs and porn -- even kiddie porn -- under the legal protection of the Craft for decades. Why do you think they have been able to reverse helmet laws in many states while passive restraint legislation for automobiles grows increasingly stringent? And all of this "motorcylce mania" with professional types emulating the lifestyles of bikers is just another subterfuge to legitimize and dissemble the true nature of biker gangs.
And the Mafia is a subdivision of Freemasonry, a concession that J. Edgar Hoover (a 33rd degree boy himself) had to allow after claiming for decades that there was "no such thing as organized crime". When the Appalachin Conference and the Valachi Papers blew the lid off organized crime, Hoover and the government quickly manufactured La Cosa Nostra as a scapegoat to prevent anyone from probing deeper.
Joe Columbo's ludicrous Italian-American Anti-Defamation League actually had more basis in fact than the mob and their Illuminati controllers were comfortable with, so they killed him to circumvent what could have been some very uncomfortable scrutiny.
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